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  1. This is coming out? Diamond reports it isnt on their website.

    Is this really confirmed conor?

  2. Yes it is.

  3. @conor: Huh that’s weird….guess Diamond didnt realise their mistake

    Either way I am stoked for more of this. I might be a Punisher junkie but this has been really really good. It’s a shame Swierczynski isnt staying on this for good. He’s a perfect writer for the character

  4. You might want to look again.

  5. @conor: Then explain this


    Diamond’s main website and it states this isnt coming out…..again it’s probably an error on the person who posted it up.

  6. Diamond puts out two lists – one with the Mature Readrs stuff on it, and one without.  That is the list withough the Mature Readers stuff, and PUNISHER MAX is listed as MR.  You’ll notice that list is also missing books like SCALPED and other Vertigo fare.

  7. What a cover!

  8. @conor: That makes sense….so I guess if younger kids (like 13-14) got on the site they would subconciously not pick up the MR stuff….But they’ll still see it in the LCS anyways.

    @JJ: That is a beautiful cover, do you read this? I’m sorry I have a bad memory so I dont know if you do. Have you liked this arc so far if you did?

  9. No I don’t read this. But these covers kick so much ass it’s ridiculous.

  10. The inside contents are just as good, JJ.

  11. Coloring for some reason has gotten my attention in the last few comics I read.

    I wish I knew more about Val Staples cause his stuff in here are excellent.

  12. TNC – He was on Criminal, and I think he did the Sleeper/Point Blank stuff.  Not sure about Incognito.

  13. @Sunnyvale: I guess that is more reasons to pick up Criminal and Sleeper huh?

  14. I’m just not really interested in the character.

  15. Bah….this need more pulls!

    Some really good stuff with this arc so far. Cant anyone else compare with me on how accurate Duane S. is with the City of Brotherly Love?….Or Kiladelphia as I like to call it.

  16. Yet another soild issue for me (or a 4 if you want numbers)

    Duane S. is doing a great job showing just how depressing and violent of a city Philadelphia is. Although all you need to do is watch or read the news to figure that out.

  17. Really enjoyable issue, but I’m finding the story a bit convoluted.  This is probably going to require a reread to really get it all. 

    Great action scenes, I must say.

    Also, what exactly did Walter do to the guy that was attacking Dre?  I couldn’t quite figure it out.

  18. i got this plain and simple for the cover.  wow!

  19. @Sunnyvale Trash

    You are right. Little confusing. I’ll re-ead it for sure once the arc is completed.

    And I think Walter tore his jaw (with the mask) off. Had too look more than twice to make it out.

  20. Yeah, I was thinking tongue or jaw or something.  The odd image impeded the brutality of the scene.

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