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  1. Pointless and stupid name change.

    But here are the good things about this. Duane S. is writing this! Plus it takes place in my hometown of Philly! I hope they reference my old house…..cause my street looks like ‘crack street’ all over the place.

  2. Buying this because Swierczynski’s writing it. Blood will flow…

  3. I think they changed it’s name to make if 3.99.  Jerks.

  4. the preview art for this looks great and Duane is growing as a comic writer

  5. I was gonna give the post Ennis Punisher another try with this issue (after the last writer seemed to be writing an 80’s action movie for 14 year old boys & not a Punisher MAX comic, I dropped it) but now I see that it’s $3.99, I’m undecided.

  6. @Wade: Just try it! At least you know it’s a good writer on board.

    Please let the mayor in this be Mayor Nutter…..Oh please oh please let it be baldy.

  7. @Wade

     The last arc was fantastic.  It was just as gritty and nasty as the Ennis stuff.  Curious about this new penciller/inker team, as the last guy(s?) was just superb.

  8. @Champ – I probably will buy it, dude. I’m a sucker like that.

    @SunnyvaleTrash – "It was just as gritty and nasty as the Ennis stuff" — Blasphemy!! 😛 

  9. @Wade…. did you even read the last arc? In no way was it like an 8o’s movie or like something written for 14 year old boys (who wouldn’t be able to buy it anyway)… I agree with SunnyvaleTrash…. It seemed a pretty solid MAX story.

  10. @Butch – Nah, I didn’t read it, I just made my assessment based on the covers … of course I read it. Up until the last 1 or 2 issues anyway. I also read every single issue of Ennis run, so I’m not just talkin’ out my ass here. It was nothing like Ennis’ Punisher IMO. I stand by my opinion of it — if no one agrees with me, fine.

  11. This was a great issue, more for the art then the story. I dont know who Lacombe is but I judging from this issue alone I love his work.

    The story was good, but it was more just a set up for the rest of the arc. Still cant wait to see where this is going though.

  12. Yeah, the premise DS setup here is very intriguing.  Lacombe’s Frank looks pretty good, and the guy is a good storyteller as well.  I’m not sold on these covers though.  Way too cartoony for the book.

  13. So Wade…..liked it? Hated it?

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