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  1. God help us all….The final issue of a series that made The Punisher a great character again…This is gonna go out in style, blood by the gallons! 🙂

  2. This arc has been interesting. I’m going to miss Garth Ennis on this.

  3. Aww man, I have bought (and loved) every single issue, since #1 and will miss this. Punisher has been of the books I always look forward to and always delivers the goods. This will be a bitter sweet comics issue for me. I’ve read alot of comics over the years & this whole run has been one of the best I have ever read. Sixty issues without a bad one? Most writers would kill for that type of run.

  4. This is the end of the most amazing run of comics.

    We will be poorer after this…

  5. this will no doubt be the msot depressing comic i read this month. Ennis and Frank are responsible, along with Ultimate Spider-Man, for getting me back into comics and i can’t say anything other than thank you to them for that.

  6. This was great but at the same time was a quick read. I also hate to say that the preview for the new guy after Ennis actually intrigues me and looks to have some potential. It appears to be a step in a different direction but I might just have to pick up the next issue instead of dropping this book. Anyone else think the preview was good?

  7. Based on the last few one-shots, which i believe were by the creative teams that will be taking over, I will probaby stay on this book for a little while after Gartth.

  8. Only 91 pulls for the end of one of the best runs on a title period?

    For shame.

  9. @comicdork — I thought the preview looks good. The creative team looks to have the tone of the book down, if nothing else. I’ll be reading the next few issues to try it out.

    It will feel like a totally new book to me now, though. This issue was an exellent ending to an epic character defining run.

    My POW by a mile.

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