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  1. This is the start of Garth Ennis’s last run on the book.  Have they announced who’s taking his place? 

  2. This is a bittersweet moment…the start of a new arc but the last Ennis one.

    I think Mike Benson,  who is on the Entourage writing staff, currently doing good work on Moon Knight and wrote the Punisher MAX annual, is supposed to take over but it hasn’t been confirmed.

  3. This book is always good.  Ennis will be missed.

  4. Ennis will be missed but other than the Barracuda stuff the stories haven’t been nearly as good as the beginning of his run with Dillon. I miss the dark humor that started it all. Not sure if I will still be reading this title once Ennis is gone. I hope he goes out with a BANG.

  5. I didn’t like Benson’s annual.  I’d rather have Duane Swierczynski, who did the "Force of Nature" one-shot.  The story in the book was awesome, the art was good except for the Punisher himself.  He looked to young.

     I hope it’s not Benson.

  6. Man it was bittersweet that this is the end of Ennis’ run it’s just too bad it was such a terrible issue!!!  It was them standing on a golf course!!!

  7. I have to disagree that this was a terrible issue. Although it was basically just guys standing on a golf course talking and some Nam memories, this was a set-up issue. It supplied just enough background info to tie these characters and this story line to past ones. It looks like Ennis is attempting to tie everything together from his last few story lines before he bows out. I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

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