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John Ka, Earth Empire scout, has found little trace of mankind since her pod surfaced. However, when she finds a band of feral humans – and a Prophet clone who has gone native to protect them – she finds herself questioning what it means to be human.

Story by Simon Roy
Art by Simon Roy
Cover by Simon Roy

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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. The return of Simon Roy & yet all the artists on this series are doing an immense job!

  2. My favourite series of 2012, here’s to another year of……. well whatever craziness Brandon Graham decides to throw at us!

  3. Loving what they’ve done with Prophet, possibly the most entertaining and interesting comic I’m currently reading… 🙂

  4. Spending $10 on the last trade on a whim = one of the best decisions I made last year

    I’m in for the long haul now – this book just gets better and better

  5. Fun little story. Very interesting that “John” is more of a title than any kind of a name, and has nothing to do with gender. I’m missing a few issues, including the first couple issues since I jumped on late, but can someone clarify something for me? As I understand it – there is the “original” John Prophet, and he is the Old Man one right? And then there are a variety of clones who are John “_____” and they are all part of/work for the Earth Empire. And Old Man Prophet does not like these other John’s and the Earth empire?

    I’ve been trying to piece it together without having to go pickup the previous issues that I don’t have. Thanks! – Z

    • Each artist covers a different John Prophet, so the first we came across was the one Simon Roy draws (who is in this issue), Farel Dalrymple does the Prophet with a tail & Giannis Milogiannis does Old Man Prophet.

      All three are on a different mission & are in a sense all going in completely different directions, one is trying to re-establish the Earth Empire & become the new All-Father Prophet to lead into a new era, another is trying to fulfill the Earth Empire Mother & return her home, & finally Old Man Prophet wants to destroy the Earth Empire & everything it represents throughout the universe!

      I hope that helps?

    • Pretty much everything RileyArmpit32 said, and it’s worth keeping in mind that Old Man Prophet rebelled against the Earth Empire in the past, and all his comrades (with one exception) are those who fought with him in the last war. It hasn’t yet been said (I don’t think) whether or not Old Man Prophet is the first clone, not a clone at all, or is just another one-of-many Prophets but older and free of the Earth Mothers’ mind control powers.

      As the issues have progressed too, I think it’s getting clearer that the battle lines between the John Prophet from #21-23 and Old Man Prophet will be drawn, with Prophet clones joining either side. This issue provides a good example of that, since the more primitive Prophet seems a) resistant of the Earth Mothers and b) unwilling to join the Empire.

      Damn I love thinking about this book.

    • This helps a ton guys! That all makes sense but since I missed a couple issues here and there, I was missing some info, now I’m on top of it all! 🙂

  6. I’ve been loving the Old Man & Reign East stuff the last couple issues but a return to where we started was nice. Looks like Farel’s back next month, can’t wait!

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