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Story by Simon Roy
Art by Simon Roy
Cover by Simon Roy

Size: 0 pages
Price: 3.99

This issue takes us back to the “beginning” of this series, back to the Earth Empire homeworld. I really like this thread, and in particular this issue because of its commentary on being human, and its critique of civilization. We see it on many levels on the Homeworld, however, its sort of a “back to the future” look where other species are the “sentients”, and humans are the animals. Simon Roy has done an excellent job staying consistent with his earlier issues, and it was very nice (albeit at times still disturbing) to be back.

I feel its important to note that the John in this issue is female. I found it interesting, and am not completely sure why there is more than one sex (since they’re clones) or what part she will play later in this story. Through her eyes we get a glimpse into Empire socialization and are witness to the her conflict when she meets “feral” humans and how they are raised.

The best parts of Simon Roy’s art is his use of color, and the small nuances in action and detail found in the panels. For some reason I was really impressed with a panel early in the issue where John Ka helps her familiar back into its pouch and you can see her hand pressing against the familiar’s foot helping push it in, and the familiar chirps in loving gratitude. It’s things like this that make Prophet stand-out.

The back-up story was also well-done and nice to look at. It’s funny watching the astronaut interact with technology.

This was an excellent issue in an excellent series that continues to expand on a world that is both similar and different and forces us to look at our own world in a different way. Looking forward to what’s next.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good

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