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  1. To those wondering, why this issue is so soon after the last one, it’s because the distributors were late with the last issue. Cheers!

  2. Last issue was just fantastic and reignited my interest in the series.

  3. best series that not enough people are reading – this story arc has raised the bar on every level

  4. @Brik-Quiet you!  Back in your hole!

    But yeah…I love Proof now.  Damn fine reading

  5. @drakedangerz – I am glad you checked out the book, and even more impressed you did more than look at the pictures. 

    this is my favorite series out on the market right now – tell all your friends that PROOF ROCKS 

  6. Just read from issue #1-#20, for the 1st time. This book is fantastic. I would have 2 agree w/ Drake on this. This book is easily in my top 5 now.

  7. Yes indeed, Proof is definitely one of the most sorely under-appreciated books on the market.

    The JULIA storyline has been one of the best as well. Can’t wait.

  8. I just read Proof issue one for free on Image’s website.  Really cool  I don’t know how I’ve been missing out on this one.  I’m going to get the TPBs and try to catch up

  9. This issue, like this whole storyarc so far, was great.  The writing, art, and colouring all work together wonderfully to make a great book that I want more people to start reading.

  10. It’s great to hear people giving this book a shot.  It’s really one of my favorites every month. 

  11. One of the best arcs in Proof history. 4/5 on this particular issue.

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