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  1. Attention more people:

    you should try reading this, it’s pretty good. If you pick this up and like it, pick up the first trade why not?

    Yours sincerely,

    a Proof fan.

  2. @Cooper:

    Understatement of the year on your part.  EVERYONE should read this book period.  It is my favorite book out there and one of the most original, well written, incredibly drawn books on the market today.  "If you believe in monsters, you need PROOF"

  3. I’m droppin this after this issue.

  4. A lot of people keep telling me this is one of the best books out there but I need more convincing or possibly more proof…

  5. @deadspace

    wow – you are the first person i have ever heard that one from.  if it isn’t for you i understand but wow, that is a first. 

    @ purdueboiler

    pick a better school (oops – iu grad) and you can read the first issue for free online at

    Give it a try and see what you think. 

  6. Ok, ok…I’m gonna try this issue (and no, I don’t care that it’s part 3 of an arc) I actually bought issue 1 and was lukewarm…but I’ll give this a shot. now, will someone else please try Usagi Yojimbo!!

  7. Just picked up the first trade of this based on all the iFanboy hype & buzz.

    I hope you have all done me right with this because $10 would also have bought a whole lot of cheap malt liquor.

  8. @Brikhed – it’s not that I think it’s bad. it’s that i think it’s just alright

  9. For me, this book has been alot more scattered since the first couple arcs. I’m not dropping, but it’s kind of a challenging read right now…

  10. I bought this after I watched the preview show (mini) and all I really have to say about it is I WANT MORE MONKEY! Was the last issue more about Qi? Cause if so I need to go pick it up. If he’s on the cover, I think he should have a little more than about 4 pages of story time.

    Other than that I did enjoy this. Don’t know if I’ll keep reading but its something I’ll ponder monthly.

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