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  1. I am glad this first arc is coming to a close — if I didn’t already have the first several issues and thus feel some weird need to "complete the run," I would drop it.  Project Superpowers has been a surprisngly slow-moving and uninteresting (at times even confusing) story.  Too bad — I had higher hopes.

  2. It sure started good. The Zero issue was the bees knees. At this point, I just hope it manages to launch a differnet, actually good series.

  3. Actually, I like this, I think its fun to get to know all those new heroes. Sure its slow but it’s not a problem for me. And above all, I love the covers. I’m looking forward to the next arc. I just wish the art was better, but its not that bad, it’s kinda special. Its a serie I really enjoyed reading like in a bunch. 5 issues in a row. I’m excited to have all the first arc and read the whole thing again. It gets better as a whole.

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