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  1. Only 9 pulls so far? This is some Alex Ross golden age goodness right here people, and #0 was pretty damn cool.

  2. I’ve got a number of old time radio episodes with the Green Lama.  He was straight up Green Hornet/Shadow rip but I love the Green Hornet and the Shadow.

  3. Didn’t I first read this story when it was called Kingdome Come?  Oh who am I kidding it’s not gonna stop me from getting this book.

  4. I really enjoyed #0 and was anticipating this release, but I found this issue confusing. Black Terror appears out of nowhere….there’s hundreds of robots running rampant…and where is the fighting yank’s ancestor? Maybe the next issue will pull things together. I liked the art – Alex Ross is great, but the story was lacking…I give this book a 2 out of 5.

  5. Not loving this. Don’t think I am going to continue. Love the art, could care less about the story.

  6. I am still LOVING this book!

    THe fact I dont know who the Dynamic family is doesnt bother me. Dymanic man is obviously a Superman archetype, and you get the feeling he is a little more ‘hands on’ with his city than Supes is with Metropolis. What more do you need to know?

    Now for the Black Terror. Holy Crap! When he showed up it made me feel more excited then when I would get a nerdgasm when i’d see the Punisher make a surprise appearance shen I was a teenager. He is a great char so far. 

    I am still on board with 2 spoons. 

  7. For me its like when I was getting into comics as a kid by reading Crisis on Infinite Earths. I know of some of these characters but thats about it. I’m loving it.

  8. I like the art in this, but nothing in issue 1 has grabbed me story-wise. The characters don’t even appeal to me in any way. I might check out issue #2, but my expectations for this to be good are really low.

  9. If you’re not reading this book or if you’re expecting too much from the zero and first issue, you’re nuts!

    The world hasn’t seen any of these characters for about 50 years, they’re as new to me as they are to you.  I don’t expect huge things to happen until we know who our characters are.  I’m intrigued, impressed and totally hooked.  This is going to be a great series.  

    I love that all of these WW2-era (The Twelve, Amazing Fantasy and Project Superpowers) characters are taking the Justice Society route and re-discovering themselves in a new world with very similar crap happening in it.  Old superheroes don’t die, they ret-con.  Cheers to Alex Ross for doing it right.

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