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I figured I needed to write a review since I’ve been really pushing this book after Issue 0 came out.

I must say with this issue I am disappointed. The last issue was really good and made me excited to read more. This issue makes me feel that this book is really only being written for certain people. Fans of the original golden age characters and for the creators themselves. Alex Ross has always disliked modern comics because of the direction that they have went. This is painfully obvious in Kingdom Come and oddly is what made it so good.

With that all being said this book was confusing. Not knowing these characters makes this book hard to read. I really felt lost when Dynamic Man showed up with his Dynamic Family. I know nothing about these characters and was hoping there would be a little explanation as to who they were. Also for anyone who read issue 0 an event happens in this book that would make me think that all of the golden age heroes that disappeared would show back up. This is not the case. Only one hero comes back and anyone looking at the cover can figure this one out, it’s the Black Terror.

For a super-hero he uses a word I wouldn’t think any golden ager would and that is Kill. Although I found when he showed up to be the best part of the book since he is so cool looking and kicks a ton of ass in mere panels. It was still really confusing and actually made the book make less sense.

As for the art in this book, done by Carlos Paul, along with the coloring and over all production of this book is pretty good. There were a few panels I disliked, but nothing so horrible I would nit pick about. There were panels with both the Green Lama and Black Terror that looked amazing.

Overall if you’re not getting this book I don’t think you’re missing out too much. For an issue with a $3.50 price tag I expected a little more out of it. It’s obviously a book that I feel isn’t written for comic fans who liked the golden age in general, only the ones who love these characters or happen to be the writers. I will most likely pick up the next issue to try and make sense of things, not too mention with how good issue 0 was I want to give this book a solid try before dumping it.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 4 - Very Good

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