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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Hrmmm… We’ll see how it goes. Loved the first issue, but the last two were a bit lacking. This is supposed to focus more on Powergirl’s personal life, so we’ll see.

  2. This has been a great series so far.  Great art, clever writing, I highly recommend.

  3. I really like this book. Feels like 80’s comics to me for some reason, but in a good way. While the store is in arc’s it doesn’t hinder the story and it feels more free flowing.

  4. Palmiotti is the man.

  5. Palmiotti continues to impress me with his writing and I will buy anything that Amanda Conner is drawing!

  6. XXXAmanda ConnerXXX

  7. I am loving this book.

  8. Really loving this book.

  9. i am super suprised at the lack of pulls for this book.  i look forward to this book every month.  art is full of action and writing is pure comic fun 

  10. ^Totally agree with all the above praise This book is about 276,000 times more awesome than I expected it to be. Pure comic book fun.

  11. This book is surprisingly good in a bad way… I picked up #1 with no interest in the character or creative team (I’m relatively new to comics) and it ended up being great.  Now every time a new book starts I want to try it simply because it might be like Power Girl… I’m currently having a tough time telling myself to not buy the Red Tornado mini coming up.

  12. TOTAL CHEESECAKE AWESOMENESS! I fucking love this superhero shit! Buy it! 

  13. Wow, I think this is 4 for 4 on my POW.  Sure it’s always scheduled for slow weeks but I’d like to think it’d be a contender on a normal week.

  14. All right! 4/5 for me. Great book. Really, fun. A step up from the last two issues.

  15. This was definetly the best issue so far and was my pick of the week.

  16. Hey, does anybody else notice that the solicitation for this book doesn’t really match up to the actual contents?

  17. Hey did anyone else notice the guys from The Big Bang Theory made an appearance in the Theatre.

  18. Also I love that the cat pooped on his jacket. My pick this week.

  19. great read, great art, most fun comic I read this week

  20. Yeah, this book is so much fun, the art is just great for this book. I always look forward to reading this and I’ve yet to be disappointed.


  21. "I’m really into MMA and Jiu-Shihtsu and all that Ground and Pound stuff."

    Ha. Loved every minute of this.


  22. "Good news, everyone." Thinking over my books this week, I actually think this my pick of the week instead of Supergirl. So yeah… 😉

  23. I loved the cat poop scene, and how it wasn’t a big scene just background comedy. This was such a fun and beautiful book. POW for me!

  24. more people should pick this up–a fun read. wouldn’t mind seeing a SECOND FEATURE with Krypto and Streaky once the team is done with WEDNESDAY COMICS 🙂

  25. This was pure fun. Love seeing Terra and Powergirl interact.

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