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  1. This book is almost suffering from how good DC is doing right now.  Everyone’s so focused on Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, and Flash right now, a great book like this doesn’t get any attention.  I’d say this book is easily better than the majority of the Marvel stuff I’m reading right now.

  2. Agreed, Slockhart. For a title I tried out on a complete whim, I’ve loved both issues so far. I hope it sells enough to continue. I look forward to it every week, and would hate to see it go.

  3. Judging solely by iFanboy pulls, the book’s lost virtually half it’s readership here. Not sure how well that bodes for its longevity. I’m enjoying it, though.

  4. Excited for this, for sure. The art is growing on me and the writing is solid.

  5. This book has been really good. Too bad more people don’t read it.

  6. Gotta admit im not feeling this. I got the first 2 issues as I had heard good things but so far it has not impressed me. It might just be me but it comes across as a one trick pony with the boobs all the time and seems close to being a superheroine in peril fantasy. The villain is a weedy super intelligent kid who hates himself and chooses the hero with the biggest tits to swap boddies with… Why not choose from the plethora of male superheroes that could accommodate him?

    Maybe I just dont get it as I am relatively new to DC books and maybe I’m being a little cynical and reading too much into it, but thats how I see it. I will get this book to complete the arc (which is thankfully short) and then drop this. I will then give my issues to my superhero hating house mate who can then remind me why he hates the genre so much (and sometimes has a point). 

  7. I’m in Love with Amanda Conner…’s art.

  8. @har13quin Actually the Ultra-Humanite is a nigh on 100 year old man, if anything. As well, he’s also tried to swap bodies with numerous heroes over his 70 years in comics, so….

  9. I’m enjoying this, but I think it’s about to become of victim of economics along with a few other titles. There’s just too much coming out now and in the coming months.

  10. I will continue to buy this book for as long as Amanda Conner is drawing it, or it gets cancelled, whichever comes first.

  11. Only for the art.

  12. good art … but otherwise … meh

  13. "Wanna put you in a fridge"


  14. Put DnA on this book with Amanda and I would drop 4$, even if its 13 newpaper pages.haha!

  15. art good. writing bad.

  16. fair shout prax, i am by no means a dc officianado so deffer to your greater knowledge. I feel slightly better about Humanite not being a kid inside but not much. Still cant bring myself to buy this book anymore.

  17. I completely take back everything I’ve ever said about Amanda Conner’s art. I didn’t feel it in the first issue, and it started to grow on me in the second issue, but this issue combined with the Supergirl stuff has made me a fan really quickly.

    …It’s just too bad the art is the only redeeming quality of this issue. I’ll give the next arc a chance, though.


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