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Power Girl has 20 seconds to save the day – three times over! But who set up this dangerous game? Can Power Girl find a way to overcome not one but three disasters and track down the statistically-minded villain behind it all?


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  1. I really like that cover!

    • I agree, killer cover. I haven’t read this series yet, but I definitely want to pick up the final issue and hopefully catch up later. I hear it’s good, right?

  2. I actually don’t care that cover but I did enjoy Sturges’ last issue so I’m sure I’ll like what’s inside.

  3. The cover is pretty, and I’ve really enjoyed Prasyeta’s work so far. Hopefully this book will go out on a good note.

  4. I’m really sad this is ending, I’ve really enjoyed this book a lot.

  5. I initially liked the cover but as I look at it more I do think it’s a little more cheesecake than I like.

    As for the issue itself, I thought it was a great wrapup of the series. A well paced story with the lighthearted touches that I’ve learned to love with the series.

    I’ll miss the series, but it had a great run.

  6. I don’t care for the cover myself, and I just hope I like this issue more than the last one, which I didn’t care for at all. A bit sad to say it, but the last 3 issues of Power Girl have moved me steadily towards not caring that it’s ending. Hopefully if they start it back up, it’ll be with a writer and artist I like and not focus so much on trying to teach me life lessons.

  7. Excellent issue, but it doesn’t really count as an ending. They’re just going to leave that hanging and reboot the universe? Makes me think more about the coming reboot as being a temporary glitch.

    • I think the series ending was really in issue 25 when Winick ended his run. Matt Sturgess, who is a great writer and a local here in Austin, did these last two issues to finish up the run but I heard (on his twitter) he didn’t even know he was finishing the series, which is weird…

      For what its worth, thought it was an awesome one-shot.

  8. cool one shot….but i dunno if it was a great end to a series, but still enjoyable.

  9. I’m gonna miss Power Girl, they better bring her back soon! Catwoman should fill the void a bit.

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