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  1. Pleasantly surprised by the first issue.  Sadly, it feels like it’s been forever since it came out, and I have no idea what happened.

  2. I’m going to hunt down an issue #1 and pick this up as well. I’ve heard that it’s fun.

  3. This book reminded me (in tone) of Invincible. Really dug the first issue and I’m keeping with it.

  4. @Slockhart: The first issue came out five weeks ago.

  5. Looking forward to this.

  6. First issue was A LOT of fun. Expecting more of the same, in this issue.

    And what’s going on in the comments here? No boob-hating jokes?

  7. @Conor So that is why it feels like forever ago this came out.

  8. Looking forward to this for sure.

  9. @WadeWilson: Not a peep from me this week

    Although I will say an Ultra-Humanite origin isnt what I call a ‘must buy’.

  10. I LOVE Amanda Conner… ‘s art.

  11. I got Adam Hughes’s cover. The interior art is great.

  12. @Wade, Who hates boobs?

  13. Is this not the original Ultra-Humanite? I thought he was a Golden Age villain. This origin is very NOT GA.


    And EVERYONE likes boobs. Even gay guys.

  14. @MikeFarley

    That’s what I thought! 

  15. @mikefarley Well, I mean it is the original Ultra-Humanite, but being portrayed for comedy, which is certainly an area the book is not afraid to go into.

    I loved this issue. It wasn’t the best thing I read this week, and could have used a bit less static scenes, but it did allow Conner to show off her art, and I thought it was wonderful. There’s a great book that blends Super-Heroics, comedy and sexism stuff into a very fun, very interesting book. 4/5.

  16. I loved this issue, Amanda Conners art is fantastic and really liked the story. Can’t wait to see what happens nest issue.

    4/5  Go pick it up it’s great fun. 

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