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Power Girl squares off against Satanna and her Animal Army just as Terra enters the fray! This should be a good thing, but somehow it looks like Power Girl’s got a new enemy!

Art and Cover by AMANDA CONNER

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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. I want to believe that’s really Guy Gardner. But I know that’s not the case! This should be great. Sad there’s only 2 more issues after this one with this team.

  2. I’m jumping on this with #10.  Somebody fill me in on what I missed. (Pretty please.)

  3. I think this is a great cover

  4. @stclach Sassy woman moves to the BIG CITY. She defends city from various attacks (mostly alien) then goes on date with Zardoz. Oh, and she’s currently fighting an Evil Animal Army lead by a dominatrix and a super-intelligent Skunk.

    Suffice to say… STUFF! 

  5. @PraxJarvin – That sounds damn fine.  Wait, Zardoz…  Did Sean Connery approve this book?

  6. It’s very east to jump on in the title, I jumped on with issue 8 and haven’t had a problem.

  7. Amanda Conor should do a Jonah Hex !

  8. Dammit, now I’m tempted to jump on, too! My wallet is telling me no, though. What to do?

  9. @Paradiddle Show your wallet who’s boss. They invented mortgages for a reason.

  10. I will savor every last drop that this creative team has to offer while they’re still around. 

  11. yeah thinking about jumping on this too.  A little worried I won’t get what’s happening, but willing to give it a shot.  Heard only good things, so here goes nothin’…

  12. Another great issue, I’m going to miss this creative team, especially Amanda Conner.  This issue has some of her best work on Power Girl yet.

  13. Dear Amanda Conner, please please please don’t leave Power Girl.  If you could talk Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti into staying too that would be pretty awesome. But, very important, the idea of anyone else ever taking over art on Power Girl gives me sad nightmares.  

  14. Fantastic. Fun, smart and amazing as always. 5/5 I love that we’re going to have a nice, closed 12 issues for the trades. I love this book. And Amanda Conner.

  15. @FraggleUprising

    Jimmy said that him and Justin were only leaving the book because Amanda was….so if we can just talk her into staying we should be able to keep the whole team on board!

  16. the art is soooooo good, I never get disappointed when i flip open the cover to this comic!

  17. The only other artist I can think of (offhand) who could do this book justice is Kevin Maquire, or whatever his name is.  Though, I suppose we’d only get 6 issues a year.  I could deal with that…

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