The most provocative and influential political pundit in America today, Glenn Beck has broken the mold of what people feel a participant in the political process should be, let alone one of it’s leading commentators. The third-most popular radio host in America, his career has reached unprecedented heights.

Here is his personal story; a remarkable tale that includes tragedy at a young age, redemption at the brink of death, and success against all odds, highlighted by his drawing hundreds of thousands to Washington, D.C. last summer. Whether you agree with his politics or not, there is no doubt his life story is an inspirational tale for all.

By Jerome Maida, Mark Sparacio

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  1. I’m kind of ready for this to cross over with Female Force already. Maida keeps hinting at everything but he’s really dragging his feet bringing this event together (especially in the Palin Power/Force issue). I hope it finishes up before the end of the summer, so we can get back to self-contained arcs between the two titles.

  2. What’s ironic about this is, is that Beck claims comic books are bad for you…..right after he learned that Dinosaur webcomic beat him in sales on amazon as a trade.

  3. They should have entitled this Preacher II

  4. Not sure what’s so inspirational about having your breakdown on camera on a daily basis.  He’s manifestly insane and needs help.

  5. i don’t go to a hamburger place so i can order a chicken sandwich. if i don’t want breakdown comics i’ll go somewhere else, but i do, cause they’re fun, so i’m here.
  6. @Ottobot – has the female force crossover been confirmed or just rumoured? The palin power/force issue was a bit of a let down so I’m hoping Maida & co have something bigger and better lined up.

  7. I have to admit, I’m mainly buying this for the killer art, but Maida is pretty decent when it comes to powerful dialogue.

  8. @Wade, damn right. The cover art of this series is giving Jock a run for his money. I see Eisner and Harvey nominations.

  9. OMG…. We need to make a stand…. Kick him out of comics or at least give him devil horns… His true form

  10. @Deadspace – Maida confirmed the crossover at WonderCon. CBR had a pretty good panel review where they hinted at some other cool stuff happening next year. Darren G. Davis, the publisher even teased that there might be some sweet backups drawn by Dave MacNeil (same dude who did the epic Stephanie Meyer/Female Force oneshot).

    @Wade – Dude, SO damn right. That bit when Biden turned to Obama and said “You’re not one of us. You’re all of us?” I teared up.

    @Cyberauron – LOL – You might be right, and he may be the eventual bad guy revealed to the whole thing.


  11. I have been curious about this series of books, seems you guys really enjoy them.  Is there a collection out?

  12. @OttoBott wow, I missed that announcement but I just checked CBR and saw their write-up. Cool stuff. Apparently some of the main characters are going to be Sarah Palin, Margaret Thatcher (epicness!), Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton. All of their one-shots were amazing so this is great news. They hinted at a new character being introduced in the cross-over – any ideas??

  13. @OttoBott – Classic stuff.

    I’m looking forward to see if this book shows how Beck formed The Injustice League.

  14. @OttoBott His eyes are trying to steal my soul…… He’s a mad man….. Wizard ….. Warlock……..omg hes controlling. Me

  15. Does anyone know if the original art for this series is on sale?

  16. I love how the covers of this & Rosie’s book both have the theme of the main character pointing at the reader with a smug face like “You WILL love this awesome comic.” So meta.

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