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  1. Everything Jonathan Hickman touches is GOLD Jerry it is GOLD.  This should be no exception.

  2. Is Rockafort the same penciler as Red Mass from Mars? If so, yeah, this is going to be awesome.

     Actually, even if it ISN’T the same guy it’ll probably be awesome as Hickman is really fantastic.

  3. No he is the one who pencils Madame Mirage – here is a link to a sketch he did for me from The Core  http://img102.imageshack.us/img102/7683/thecoreox7.jpg

  4. This book needs to win so that we can see more of it.

  5. Man, I didn’t even know about this.

  6. Hickman is fantastic, will be purchasing.

  7. Would it be too much to ask for the human race to be a superior race? Just one time, just for kicks. Every space drama is so cliche; the humans are f’n idiots that shoot from the hip blah blah blah. I knew when I started to read the book that’s where it was going and sure enough. ‘Eh it was ok.

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