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  1. Cool, one more left!

  2. Aw, one more left. :/

  3. god damn it, one more left 🙁

  4. One more left.

  5. Last week I was stuck in Vegas for both a business trip and a friend’s wedding immediately after that. I brought Rue Britannia along to read off of the suggestion of this site and I loved every panel of it. Absolute brilliance. I haven’t read Singles Club at all, but I’ll definitely be getting the trade ASAP.

  6. Yay, The Camera Obscura issue!!! :~)

  7. Rue Britannia is really good, but the Singles Club is so much better imo.

  8. Looking forward to this issue, but I hate Lloyd’s hair. It’s like staring at a chia-pet.

  9. Earlier this week, i was joking with my girlfriend and said the reason this was coming out so quickly because Jamie Mckelvie was gonna draw everyone as stick figures. Turns out i almost right. :~)

    Great Issue as always, BTW. 

  10. Definitely the most ambitious issue of the series. I liked it quite a bit. The essay in the back was quite hilarious. I love this book.

  11. So…now…I love Los Campesinos!  I’ve never really heard them before reading this issue.  While reading the issue, I looked up their Myspace…listened to the song Lloyd listened to…three times, mind you…and now, I cant stop listening to them.

    Good stuff, Gillen.  Good stuff.

  12. I just spent two hours reading this one issue by listening to just about every drop of music referenced here.  This is also what I’ve done with each previous issue.  

    If there were one comic on the shelves that screamed my name, it’d be this one.  Dear God, make me a character in this series. 

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