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• The female FREEDOM FIGHTER debuts in her own miniseries!

• Featuring her partner-in-crimefighting, the diminutive dynamo known as DOLL MAN!

Written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by Cat Staggs & Richard Perrotta
Cover by Amanda Conner

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. oh boy, no one is going to book

    that said, i’m looking forward to it

  2. Anybody seen what the interiors of this book look like? That’s really what’s going to be the deciding factor for me. I loved the first two Freedom Fighters series but the last one was a bit dull.

  3. I’ll give this a look. Wasn’t big on Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, but always though Phantom Lady could have potential. Writers are cool, will have to see the art.

  4. Too bad Amanda Conner couldn’t draw the interiors as well. Or even Amy Reeder could have…

  5. oh good, lots of cleavage.

    • Perhaps it’s consolation for the poor folk still mourning the passing of Power Girl’s “window”?

    • The window was gone before, it will be back again!

    • If sarcasm there, I’d like to point out cleavage is in fact good, call me old fashioned.

    • And it should be noted, this outfit is massively restrained compared to her previous one.

    • Of course cleavage is good. A female character could never be interesting enough to sell a book without flaunting her tits on the cover. And that outfit is totally appropriate for a “CRIME FIGHTER”. Indeed, if I was to go out fighting crime, that’s exactly what I’d wear. In terms of female bodies, hers is spot on too. When a woman gets that slim, it’s still likely that she’d have breasts that big, you know, each one being the size of her thighs. Overall, brilliant design.

    • And of course superman has a beerbelly and arms like twigs.

      Oh wait…

      Yeah, it’s comics. It’s fantasy. Ya know why James Bond is so slick and always says the right thing? because he’s written to be that way.

    • Agent Graves, do you think the costume on the cover is better or worse than this one?

    • While naturally we don’t see eye to eye and we’ll have to agree to disagree Agent Graves, slim women can have very large breasts naturally. I know one such woman with GGGs, who is completely fit. All sorts of fun things happen, it’s genetics.

    • @adrianrighter – just because the costume is less revealing than a previous one doesn’t make it ok. that’s not really an argument.

      @PsychoJudgeDredd – I didn’t say it was impossible, I said it was unlikely, which it is. It’s very uncommon. You know ONE woman like that, yet practically every woman in (superhero) comics is represented this way.

      Good to know you guys have no problem with the objectification of women. Maybe it’s so common you don’t even realise it.

  6. I usually follow characters over creators but I love Palmiotti and Gray. And the Amanda Conner cover made it an instant pull before I realized she wasn’t doing the interiors. The Power Girl series that they did was awesome and I still miss it. Now I’ll have to check it out in the shop and make my decision there.

    • It really was a great run, if it was say 40 issues instead of 12 I could see it being in my top 10 runs ever.

    • I love Palmiotti, Gray, and Conner one and all. And I loved their 12 issues of Power Girl. The reason they didn’t do more is that Conner isn’t really a monthly artist. She just doesn’t want to work that fast and trying to keep up burned her out. Naturally, Palmiotti (her boyfriend) didn’t want to continue either without her on board.

      I’m loving the Silk Spectre series. I’ll probably want to buy whatever title she’s doing interiors for.

  7. Ehh, i wish this was better. The art was actually pretty cool, but the story was drek. Why do P&G write everything like it’s a tv pilot now? in costume for one panel. no interesting characters. Unless it’s a very light week for me, i don’t expect to get the next issue. Disappointed.

  8. The art was adequate. I like that they’re actually taking advantage of the reboot and coming up with new versions of these characters. I keep hoping for more of these introduction mini-series / one-shots for all the DC characters that haven’t popped up yet. Really need to step it up on the artist chores for this one, the faces are distracting.

  9. could have used more cleavage inside the book rather than just on the cover lol.

    joking aside I thought this was pretty good, will be back for #2

  10. With this, the Ray, and the inevitable cancellation of All-Star Western, the chances of a new Freedom Fighters book is very strong. It’s too bad that it won’t resolve the cliffhanger from last volume with the Human Bomb…

    • Please don’t even joke about All Star Western being cancelled. That books is so good it’s ridiculous. I read Phantom Lady #1 and didn’t really enjoy it even though I’m a Palmiotti/Gray fan. I’ll still pick up the other issues to see where it’s going but it didn’t wow me like every new issue of All Star Western does.

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