The road to Paris proves highly dangerous for Peter and the boys and with three new recruits it becomes impossible to hide from the German army. With the city in sight, they must overcome the biggest obstacle to their freedom yet.

Story by Kurtis J. Wiebe
Art by Tyler Jenkins
Cover by Tyler Jenkins

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  1. Hey everyone! Well, we’re finally getting issue #4 out, we were a bit delayed on this one but here were are! I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the series and the main one has been whether or not it ends with #5. Well, we are officially an ongoing series, once issue #5 comes out we’ll be taking a 3 month break, releasing the TPB in August and starting with #6 in September.

    Thanks for the support everyone.

    Oh, and, buckle up. This one has an ending that you probably aren’t going to expect!

    Also, one last thing, I have another series coming out this week called Grim Leaper. It’s a gory love story. For real. Think of FInal Destination meets Quantum Leap with a good dose of rom-com.

    • Congrats on the on-going status. Well deserved, this is a very imaginative series. I’ve been reading it digitally, but will probably pick up the trade cause I think my girl-friend will dig it too.

    • That’s awesome! It’s funny, I’ve heard from numerous people on Twitter that they either buy this for their girlfriend or their girlfriend is buying it for themselves. That was always my endgame: Corner the girlfriend market.

    • Hopefully it will act as a gateway drug.

    • Aw yeah!!!! Congrats on getting picked up Curtis, you deserve it. Very much looking forward to more 🙂

  2. I was under the impression it was ending in July. This is the best comic book related news I’ve had all day! I’ll have Debris to keep me company until P.P. comes back! The minute that serie was compared to Final Fantasy I added it to my sub.

    The only thing my gf reads is The Walking Dead and only because of the show lol. The only other thing I managed to get her hooked on is Chew, I’m hard at work on it though, one day!

    • Look, I can’t even get my girlfriend to read my comics for feedback, so I’m with you on that eternal struggle!

    • @kurtis, trust me, you’re better off that way. 🙂

    • She agreed to read Peter Panzerfaust once the arc finished!! Victory!

      She couldn’t believe a comic book writer had replied to one of my comments lol. I was psyched too haha, it’s real nice of you to take the time to chat with fans like that! Gratz on a great #4!

    • Awesome, first your girlfriend, then the world!

      And it’s no problem talking with the people who make my career possible. The least I can do, really!

  3. I meant: best comic book related news I’ve had all month lol!

  4. I like this book, but it feels a little slim. Not a lot has really happened in it. I want a little more meat on the bones.

    But congrats on the success, Kurtis, it’s doing pretty well here on the pull list.

    • Ah, that’s too bad. This is honestly an issue where there are some major changes and also the pace slows down considerably as they finally find a moment to breathe. Get to know the characters a lot better. I’ll ask you to give it ONE more issue and if it really fails, even then, you have my thanks for giving something new an honest go.

    • When I eat I wolf everything down in few bites, I can’t pace myself and savour it, I just can’t help myself, even if it’s a 60$ filet mignon. I usually eat supper in under 5 minutes.

      With this book I’m not given a choice, the progression is slow. It bugs me that I can’t read next month’s installement now so I have to read and re-read the ones that are out now. I’m forced to savour it. There isn’t one page or panel that doesn’t make me feel like I wish I could be there sharing their adventure.

      I can’t help but ask myself if I would feel the same way if it was more action oriented.

    • I liked this issue the best so far. I was planning on staying through issue 5, but if you keep up the goodness, I will be here for the long haul.

  5. R.I.P Alain 🙁

    July and August will be long months.

    I hope we don’t have to wait almost 2 months for #5!
    (#4 was worth the wait though!)

    ”folle” is crazy for a woman, just sayin’ 😛

    • I have a French translator that I forgot to run the final draft by on this issue. Take matters into your own hands and look what happens! lol.

    • I suppose it doesn’t really matter as most people reading will be english. I’m french Canadian so it sticks out a bit more. ”faire taire” I presume means shut up lol, it’s ”tait toi”, ”incendier” is fine.

      I’m not complaining or trying to be a smart ass though, I only noticed it after the second reading, just trying to help!


  6. When I saw them pull up at a farm house I was worried. After season 2 of walking dead I have had my full of farm houses.

    Fortunatly it was fun, and short lived

  7. So glad this will be an ongoing series. It’s one of the most imaginative things I’ve ever read. If I had a girlfriend, I’d totally make her read it.

  8. This was a great quiet issue filled with a lot of pretty heavy moments of characters finding happiness in a daunting situation. Wendy’s character really shines, as does our narrator “tootles” (ha!). Not sure if you’re still checking in Kurtis, but I’ve been curious about the character designs. Was this a joint effort between you and Tyler or did you give him some free reign? Obviously, there was some solid historical research when it came to clothes and landscape and it really shows. Oh and congrats on a well deserved ongoing announcement.

    • Tyler did most of the design work for the series, but I did write up a character summary with some brief descriptions to give him an idea of what they’d look like and a bit about their personalities.

      And thanks! Much appreciated, I hope we continue to entertain you right to the end!

  9. This has been a really awesome series so far, so it’s tough to call, but this may have been the best issue yet. I’m very happy to have been on board with this one from the start.

  10. This was my POTW. I love this issue so much. Surprised the heck out of me.

    I’m definitely going to double dip and get the trade when it comes out. Spread the Peter Panzerfaust love to all my non-comic reading, civilians friends out there.

    • Wow, that’s amazing support. You have my gratitude for investing so much in my work. I will write the hell out of this series to keep my fans coming back for more!

  11. POTW for me as well. I read this one last out of my short stack this week (not necessarily planned) but I’m glad I did, unintentionally saved the best for last. Two small criticisms were that it seemed short (realize page count isn’t exactly negotiable) and that the final page didn’t have something like a “To Be Concluded/Continued” box. I think what get me a *little* bit about this was that the opposite page with the other Image preview was kind of obnoxious directly following such a good (quality) ending.

    Love the book and look forward to getting the trade. Not sure if I will be getting it in issues as I heard it got picked up for an ongoing series but the same thing supposedly happened to Green Wake and then it got axed. Any word on that Kurtis?? Either way I love the book and greatly enjoyed the penultimate issue of the first arc. Looking forward to more!

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