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Story by Kurtis J. Wiebe
Art by Tyler Jenkins
Cover by Tyler Jenkins

Size: 0 pages
Price: 3.50

So today I went to a theme park, and therefore I get to make that easiest of analogys, that a story is like a rollercoaster.

The best part of a rollercoaster for me is where you are slowly ratcheted up to the peak, the tension will slowly build and a landscape will develop around you growing ever more beautiful and reading this was the 9th time I got to experience that today.

We got the slow build for most of this issue, a brief pause before what I guess will be a mini-finale. We got the action and boyish war drama you probably picked this up for a few panels at the end but for the most part we got the slow build, and it was wonderful.

We got Wendy as well, and apart from her use of the word ‘mate’ which I found oddly jarring, we got Wendy written perfectly, a wonderful moment created from merely two boys doing the washing up that could only be created by her. She is already probably the most well-defined character in the book other than Peter for me, though perhaps the history of the character I already possess is more than a little helpful there.

I also love the Band of Brothers style retrospective, there is little more powerful than seeing an old man cry remembering fallen friends.

I honestly can’t wait for this to continue and am so glad it is going on past 5 issues, the art is so wonderfully suited to the story and I feel that considering I gave this a 4 not a 5 I should be able to come up with more flaws than I didn’t like the word ‘mate’ being spoken by an upper middle class 40’s English girl, (though c’mon, really, every slightly posh English girl I know, and I know many has at least once taken the mick out of my use of the word mate.) but I am really struggling too, maybe i’d like to be able to distinguish these ‘lost boys’ a little more, but I think if your waiting for the tpb that won’t be an issue.

So Vive la France & Vive la Peter Panzerfaust I guess.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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