In this exciting new miniseries from novelist Gregg Hurwitz (You’re Next) and rising star artist Szymon Kudranksi (Spawn), the painful and dark past of one of Batman’s most devious foes is examined.

How did young Oswald Cobblepot go from being the apple of his mother’s eye to the leader of underworld gangs and adversary of The Caped Crusader?


Art and cover by SZYMON KUDRANSKI

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  1. Hurwitz’s Moon Knight run with Opena was fantastic. I’m looking forward to this.

  2. The cover is awesome. Reason enough for me.

  3. I am in. They are doing something big with the Gotham books from All-Star Western on forward with the history of families and such. I like having books reference one another, that’s the whole point of having a shared universe in my opinion.

  4. I’ve always been a fan of the Penguin. I hope this miniseries is good…

  5. Huge fan of penguin I’m hoping this will be a more realistic take on the character. I’ve always wanted to see him more as a criminal crime boss (Godfather + Penguin = <3) rather then the mutant version (Danny Devito version)

  6. Holy hell this came out of nowhere! 5/5 POTW!

  7. Absolutely amazing…in a week of good books, this was the best…I rarely read a book twice, but this one may get 3 times…5/5!!

  8. This was wonderful! And I hadn’t heard about it until yesterday…POTW for me. 5/5 and I think this will be a mini that I will happily double dip on. Great stuff!

  9. Awesome!! This book caught me off guard and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Loving that cover as well.

  10. I enjoyed it and gave it a 4, liked the art and penguin really gave me the feeling he is gonna be one of thee biggest crime bosses in Gotham as he was starting to get to before the reboot. I mean like King-Pin huge, like rival Luthor’s underground operations! Great book; the open pages were so sad and wierd at the same time; did his father really drop him on his head? Can you believe it?!
    The wife read it as well last night after I kinda lured her into doing so and she gave it only a 3? She is still relatively new to reading comics and her imagination is not the best and still gets lost every now and than panel to panel so I think maybe thats where the problem was in this issue; the reading flow sometimes can get a little confusing for the casual comic book reader. I hate explaining into detail to her since usually I get the “I don’t understand” or ” thats just stupid” or even “aahhhhh did’nt do nothing for me”. She seemed kinda let down at the end.

    Just sayin’,


    • Your wife doesn’t particularly like an issue of a comic book that you do, and you explain it away as her lacking imagination or some other flaw? Have some humility. By your own logic, the opposite is equally likely, the book was juvenile and she’s not as dumb as you to think it was good. Between forcing the book on her, “explaining” to her what’s going on, and condemning her differing opinion, you sound like hell to live with it.

  11. Took a chance on this because I’ve always liked The Penguin, and this looks a bit like the current Red Skull mini-series over at Marvel, which I’m enjoying quite a bit. And sure enough, it’s very much “Penguin: The Early Years”, except it goes a step further by mixing the past with the present. The first issue did put me in the mindset of the very beginning of Batman Returns, which to me is a good thing. Dark, whimsical, dark, emotionally rich, and dark. And did I mention it’s dark?

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