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  1. I wanna like this comic more then I do, I think this character has a lot of potential, I’ll pick up one more issue to see where this is going.

  2. What is great is that I dropped this book, and I never drop anything LOL 

    #1 was ok, style & artwork was god story alright then #2 I was like this is a steaming pile why am I paying for this, glad to see that I am not missing out.  

  3. Didn’t pick up the first 2 issues, but bought this one and I love it. The art style might be what grabs me the most, but I’m rather fond of the writing as well. It was a fun read. Her dialogue didn’t paint her as a straight-laced superhero like so many are done today. She was different and light hearted which intrigued me enough to pick up the first 2 issues.

     Art 4/5 and Story 4/5

  4. Incomprehensible junk.  Good art, but Hellcat/Patsy Walker deserves way better than this as far as writing/story goes.

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