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  1. The first issue was very solid, anticipating this.

    (And, yes, that is cleavage on the cover. Can we not do this again?)

  2. @kwisdumb

    Them some tig ol bitties.

    Anyway, I never understood how Oracle fit into the Batman timeline. If Gordon is having a kid in Year One and Oracle is into her twenties, Batman has to be at least into his mid 40’s. 

  3.  "One Picket to Tittsburgh, please!"

  4. @miyamotofreeak

    These are the type of things you can’t worry about. If you try and fit every story, even origin ones, completely into continuity you will fail every time. Try not to think of things in a"timeline" type of way. You can usually put things in order on a line but once you start trying to assign dates you are doomed to failure.

  5. @Parker: Not to mention that BATMAN: YEAR ONE was retconned out of "official DC Continuity" a while ago.

    Make your own continuity, people!

  6. *wants to make point*


    *reads kwisdumb’s post* Oh nevermind…

  7. First issue was OK, but I’d like it Oracle could have someone else besides Calculator as her adversary for once. This seems like Oracle vs Calculator round 17.

  8. I generally agree with the whole "make your own continuity" argument, but isn’t Babs Gordon’s adopted daughter – actually his niece? IE not the baby in Year One?

    It’s all so confusing.

    Any-dang-way, I enjoyed he first issue, gonna pick this up also.

  9. more heads exploding in this issue, perhaps?

  10. About Bat-continuity, take Conor’s advice & make your own. Trying to make sense of the most simple things like how 2 ongoing stories fit into any timeline is almost impossible most of the time, so when you times that by over 50 years of comics & how ever many writers? … Impossible.

  11. lol @WadeWilson. Yeah… continuity is in the eye of the beholder at DC, usually.

  12. Seriously:

    Lose the fact that she’s in a wheelchair and Barbara totally looks like a girl I had a crush on. That’s so creepy and weird at the same time.

  13. How does the wheelchair change her looks? 😛

  14. Looks like Liv Tyler.

  15. @TNC: ahhh…. where to start, where to start?

  16. Okay yeah my last comment sounded stupid….she still looks like her tough…

  17. so you had a crush on an attractive red head? that’s nice

  18. Yeah yeah…..didnt end well…

    But enough about that, on to the comic! I actually read it in the store, it was okay….the narration got to me, kinda cheesy.

  19. I thought this was terrible. All the computer/internet mumbo jumbo made no sense to me. I don’t remember frowning so much reading a comic in a long time. Attempting to see what the writer was getting at with terms like "convergence points, & 3D snap shots of the internet" gave me a headache. It says the "internet is down" yet almost everyone in the book is using it LOL.

    Also, I learned that if you are a fat asian kid & you hit on Oracle — she will threaten to kill you.

    Harsh, dude.

  20. Oracle does seem to need a posse of her own…or we need to pull some 2nd string Batman people around her a little more often. I agree with @Wade’s first comment about it feeling like round 17 with the Calculator…sheesh!!

  21. Liked it.

    A more compelling Oracle vs Calculator story than their last appearance in BOP.

  22. Bleh … only reason to get is to complete the BFTC collection. I thought maybe they could have tried getting a bettter Matrix knockoff storyline. Cover art is amazing though.

  23. @TNC: it didn’t end well, huh? having a crush on a girl isn’t the same as a year-long passionate relationship.

  24. sorry, i should have place an emoticon or something in there to sound less harsh 😉

  25. @Edward: Nah the comment without the emoticon was fine man, didnt sound harsh.

    I would talk about that girl more, but it’s not on topic so I wont go further into it…unless your interested in talking about it.

    Here’s something that irks me in comics, and this was in the first 2-3 pages. I’m tired of seeing attempted rape in comics…it seems like a crutch to make women ‘in danger’ and a simple mugging turned into something more vulgar. Just saying.

  26. I liked it. Hangs on the fact I like Oracle and am fairly willing to let a weaker story slide. As for Batman Continuity, wise words to make your own. I always figured Batman right now was 38 or 39, Barbara and Dick are in the late twenties, Jason is in the early twenties and Tim is about 17 or 18, Damien being 14?

    Dick came into Bruces life when he was in his mid twenties at the age of 8-10, which is wierd then the rest start trickling in. 


  27. so far, im liking the whole story. a little nerdy and fun, look forward to the next one

  28. I’m really enjoying this story, thought it was well-written, tech-savvy and enjoyed Babs kicking ass and taking names.  All y’all need to stop hatin’!  I honestly don’t care about the previous continuity, I liked how it fits into today’s Batman stories.  This is a solid, fun read.

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