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Acclaimed cartoonist Adrian Tomine (New York Drawings, Shortcomings) returns with a dazzling new issue of his two-decade-long comic book series! Optic Nerve #13 features three complete stories, each distinct in their tone and visual style. ‘Go Owls’ is a dark comedy about 12-step programs, drug dealing, and minor league baseball. ‘Translated, from the Japanese,’ illustrates the diary of a young Japanese mother, caught between two countries and hovering on the precipice of divorce. ‘Winter, 2012’ is an autobiographical glimpse into Tomine’s home life and his ongoing struggles with the modern world. Throughout Optic Nerve #13, Tomine channels contemporary zeitgeist and vernacular to produce flawlessly designed, compellingly readable stories.

Adrian Tomine

Price: $5.95
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 9.4%


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  1. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  2. Finally, last issue was September 2011!

    This will probably be my pick of the week by a country-mile.

  3. Added this to my standing order at my LCS when the last issue came out. Hope they remember…

  4. I’d forgotten about this until #12 came out and was reminded why I liked it so much. Now I’m having fun trying to find good first editions of the series. Great stuff!

  5. Long time since the last one, but I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait!

  6. I got into this after hearing so many good things when #11 came out. I went to my LCS to check out the first few issues, and came back the next week and bought them all. I’m really excited to pick this up.

  7. Are there any collected editions of this available?

  8. Use to see Adrian all the time hanging out at my LCBS here in Sacramento CA where he use to live. Dude is hella cool and always took time to chat about comics and other shit. I miss seeing him around town (and miss that old comic book store – it’s since been replaced by a California Pizza Kitchen restaurant!)

    • I thought you lived in Nor Cal from your pic at Berryessa. I live in Sac also. Small world.

    • Right on man! Where do you buy your comics? Big Brother? Comics and Collectibles? A1 Comics?

      Small world indeed. =)

    • I go to Worlds Best Comics by Country Club Lanes- its a mile from my house- and if I’m around I like to check out Empire on Howe ave by the college. What your store? Ima keep my eye out for some dude with a beard who likes to cuss alot and listens to good music.:)

    • Hah, I do let the expletives fly don’t I? I get my comics from Big Brother in midtown.

      I checked out World’s best – A bit claustrophobic but the owner is a nice guy.

      Empire is ran by my friend Ben. He also heads up ECV Press, a local Comic Book Company in which I did some inking for the 3rd issue of The Continuum!

      And dude did you hear Bill Sienkiewicz is going to be at the Sac Super Con next month? See you there!

  9. I know this book isn’t for everyone, but man do I love it. Tomine has the ability to make even the most mundane happenings seem poignant; his characters are often despicable, but I can’t help feeling for them. I often wonder what his responses are to some of the letters, but I really like the fact that he just prints them and leaves them be.

  10. Avatar photo OzChops (@ianosborne1976) says:

    I picked this up yesterday just because it looked so beautiful.

    I read it in a busy South London pub earlier today. At the end of the last story I had a tear in my eye. This is the best comic I’ve read all year. I need less X-Force in my life and more books like this.

    • Too right this was some awesome shit that would always get my pick of the week!

      I listed above all the collections to TheAgeingYoungRebel & if you like this then check them out, really great stuff!

  11. I too picked this up just by the looks of the panel to panel look of it. Wow. I’m addicted. I’m a huge fan, need to go back and read more of Adrian Tomine’s stuff immediately.

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