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O.M.A.C. #3

Kevin Kho is arrested and imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. There he is confronted by the mindaltering power of the former super-hero the Psi-Fi Man, whom Brother Eye considers one of its greatest threats.

Meanwhile Sarge Steel and his Checkmate Elite, under orders from Max Lord, begin their hunt for O.M.A.C.


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  1. always god to start the month off with a super-fun comic. OMACTIVATE!!

  2. OMAC = good stuff!

  3. YAY!

  4. Sounds like this book is going to keep bringing the awesome!

  5. Picked up the last 2 issues to find that they were, indeed, good fun. Not gonna pick it up monthly, but when I’ve got a light week and some cash to burn, this is a great series to marathon.

  6. My new favorite Hulk book

  7. An Incredible 3rd issue. I simply can’t fault it. Action, drama, pace, insanity, perfection.

  8. great book

  9. Still loving this book.

  10. I hope this book doesn’t get DE-OMACTIVED anytime soon. What a fun romp!

  11. This might be my next drop of the new 52. Kirby esque art is not for me. I hate it. And every time Brother Eye spells I as Eye. It aggravates the shit out of me.

    • I always read it as Brother Eye refereeing to itself in the third person, like Warlock.

    • Agreed on both counts. Kirby did important stuff, but he’s gone, and it’s time to stop making ugly comics for the sole purpose of giving comic fans fits of blinding nostalgia.

  12. Did anyone see the horrible review this book got on Bleeding Cool? my favorite part was everyone bashing the review in the comments to defend how good this book is.

    • Eh, I agree with that review. The only reason I’m reading this is because they’re making me read OMAC in Frankenstein soon…. BEING AMERICAN IS SO HARD SOMETIMES HMPH

    • I don’t think prior knowledge of any of these characters is needed, that’s an invalid argument. Is anyone reading this book that is new to these characters and feels they are missing something? Help me out people I may be wrong but I would like to hear from that point of view.?

  13. It’s not always the best, but this is the comic I have the most fun reading every month.

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