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O.M.A.C. #2

Brother Eye gives Kevin Kho the ground rules to their new “arrangement.” New players are introduced to the game as Sarge Steel and Checkmate begin their hunt for the One Machine Army Corp, but O.M.A.C.’s appearance may be short-lived when he faces the incredible threat of Rocker Bonn, the Amazing Man!


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  1. there was a lot of classic comics goodness in the last issue, let’s just hope they keep it up with the wacky ideas and kirby-esque art

  2. Definitely the surprise treat of week one. Can’t wait for this issue.

  3. This is the make or break issue for me.

  4. If they continue the quality from issue one I’m in and super excited for the Frankenstein crossover.

  5. Won’t do it! I do not understand the love for this book other than a salute to Jack, otherwise it is terrible! Had to comment on this series because the first book was junk and at my bookstore this has become a running joke!
    Good luck to all that waste thier money!

    Just sayin’,


    • Gladly waste my money on this

    • “…it is terrible!”
      “..the first book was junk”

      Sayin’ it don’t make it so. What made this book “terrible” and “junk”?…you gave no reason.
      This book gave the setting (Cadmus Lab), future villians, the main and supporting characters, etc.

      I know what it is…you are afraid of fun. That’s are a fun hater!
      Don’t be a fun hater!

    • Right? I could easly drop this book. It was on the bubble for me… but I looked at it in the shop and it just looked like too much fun not to grab. I really enjoyed last month’s and this is one I’m really psyched to flip through…

    • I wish I could disagree Flash, I wanted to like this. I’ve always enjoyed Kirby art before but I just can’t get behind OMAC. It’s just too out there. I’ve never been a big one for abstract art in my comics, but I’ve come to love Animal Man and Swamp Thing even when they get into the abstract side…. I’m not even sure I can call OMAC abstract art, but …perhaps its “abstract storytelling” thats making it so unapproachable for me?

    • PICK. OF. THE. WEEK.

  6. ah i wish there was a like button for kmanifestos comment!! i personally love this book! i talked to Dan at fan expo and you could tell he was pumped for it , and when the creator is that excited for the book, you know you got a real winner on your hands!

  7. Ok, ok, ok….. I get it you all love Dan or whatever thats cool. Stand up for what you like is fine by me I’ve been there myself. Anything I write I am just giving my opinion and well my opinion is……. THIS BOOK IS STILL CRAP!! The Jack Kirby type art I appretiate and have been a big fan of his back in the day so there are some attachments for me however; from begining to end the story seemed hollow and was headed in no real direction for a first issue. I guess this guys is possesed by Brother Eye and he has no control over it and he is going to do it’s bidding. It really just read all over the place and seemed to drag on and on…….
    No offense kmanifestos or furyoffirestorm personally this is just my opinion and thats that, so if hit a nerve I am sorry. Good luck with this book I give it 6-9 issues at best then cancelled!

    Just sayin’,


    • And my opinion is that this book devours baby seals, and expels sweet delicious baby seal juice awesomeness. At the time of this post, it’s sitting there hanging tight with Invincible, Walking Dead, and Chew in number of pulls. Think about that for a sec, then name three books that the iFanboy community completely fawns over.

      It’s in good company, and it’s there for a reason.

      It’s not for everyone though. One of my good friends didn’t like it. I’ll forgive him, he just started reading comics.

      As for the baby seal juice, it’s how I keep my youthfulness and dashing good looks. Thanks, OMAC!

    • Pick of the week.

      Just sayin’,


    • I’m glad it makes you feel better to say a book is crap, terrible, and junk. There are a lot of people that enjoy this book, myself included. It’s not anywhere near my top 5 of the new 52 but it’s a fun read and a nice change of pace from my other titles. A mature individual would criticize the series by saying that he didn’t enjoy the first issue, state his reasons, and say that he has a hard time understanding why others enjoy it so much. But I guess this is the internet so people can spew nonsense.

  8. I enjoyed OMAC #2 as a diversion from the heavier titles. It’s a fun book and I hope it makes it. The other books are great fun too, but in different ways, of course.

  9. According to a fellow comic site, Diddio stated that that the original Kirby OMAC series went 8 issues and that he and Giffen wanted to do at least 16 (give or take an issue) on the first arc.

    A very good way to “waste my money” indeed! Bad news for the fun haters, good news for all the” OMAC Daddies”!!!

  10. Just finished reading it continues to be fun with this issue I want to see where this story going. They have me for first story arc at least.

  11. …and the return of…”he who shall not be named”!:)

  12. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    This book is a blast and a half. So incredibly entertaining.

  13. Well it continues…….
    I mean no offense to anyone it is just my opinion and if I think it is a bad book, waste of money, what ever it really has nothing to do with those that enjoy it. I like Dan and Keith they have done some fun things in the past and for me this is not. I have read the #1 issue and it did not appeal to my tastes really at all, maybe I should read it again and see what happens? The book to me is a tribute to Jack and I have liked some of his stuff and some I did not care for. This is the case with all comics; people will always have a different opinion and there is nothing any one can do to change that, ok?
    So maturetiy is not in question on my end I assure you of that since;
    A.) The artwork at points were good and others looked rushed and jumbled together.
    B.) There seemed to be a story about this character being possesed by Brother Eye and then there was another villian I think in the story and maybe some personal life for the character and then I really just was confussed and felt like it was all over the place. Nothing that really cemented where the story was going other than he was not going to have anyhthing to do with this. (I think?)
    C.) By the end of issue #1 there was no real desire to try another issue at all, just flat and what a struggle it was to read maybe thats why nothing really stuck into my head??
    D.) Then there is everyone at the book store the next week scratching thier heads asking if anyone really understood it and did anyone even remember reading it? ( I found this funny because those were my feelings because I forgot it even came out)
    So do to my unmaturity(JK) I will read it agian tonite for my fellow Ifanboy readers and comment writers and try to block out the world and see if I missed something and i will report back tomorrow. Remember mature readers all have different tastes and I will say next time I make a comment I will try and use bigger words and describe what I do and do not like.

    Just sayin’,


    • there’s nothing wrong with having your opinion, but suggesting that people only like it because they like Dan Didio (what??), that it will be cancelled soon or or that it’s a joke at your store, these are just trolling comments. if you so disliked issue #1 why are you reading/commenting on issue #2?

    • If you want to talk about the first issue, please do so in the proper place:

    • Conor is the boss and all but I don’t think it was Flash was too off topic. He’s discussing things that have lead him to not be interested in Omac #2 which I think is a valid topic to discuss on this page. I’m still giving this series one more issue though. I wasn’t going to and it got POTW and when a title I would never guess earns front page status I always check it out.

    • Thank you DikiBallistik! I was only commenting on before it was released and why I won’t be getting it; then it blew up to this crazyness. Sorry about that Conor. So like I said earlier I will re-read #1 and maybe just maybe if it does anything i will go buy #2. Thats it and thats that.

      Just sayin’,


  14. Loved. It. “Omactivate”, indeed.

  15. I will be buying issue #2 on my way home today and read it since I re-read issue #1 last night like I said and after the second time clearing my mind, getting a massage, meditating, and taking many hallucinagenics; it read fine.
    Just kidding I read it again and after all of the Hulk comments that is the mind frame I went in with and thats kinda the way the character felt with a little Clark Kent (His girlfriend always looking for him). I did not feel it was as explosive as everyone feels however; that is thier opinion an I respect that. It was a good book after all and I wanna see where it goes in issue #2 before I completely abondone it.
    What I am saying that after further review I was wrrr.wrrrroo…wwwwwrrr…wwrrrrooonnnnn…wronnn…wrong! Issue #2 here I come. I’ll post again on Saturday just to keep this on the right track; sorry Conor not trying to go off the main track. This just kinda relates because of the battle to buy or not to buy #2 and my reasons why or why not.

    Just sayin’,


  16. Story is definitely a lot of fun with the right mindset and expectations. Art is awesome regardless, especially the coloring.

  17. I felt 2 or 3 scene transitions were rough, even when re-read. The artwork is Kirby reminiscent but doesn’t look polished or fresh in many parts (and great in other parts). The plot is interesting but muddy in parts.

    I gave it a 2, I probably should have made it a 3. Point being, it didn’t do it for me.

  18. Another case of me not understanding the love for a book. A 1 star for me. I cant stand the art, and unsure what was goign on in a couple of points, so, now are there 2 omacs? amazing man and the other guy? or are we switching omacs?

  19. Another great read from the Didio/Giffen team!
    Issue #2 continues the fun and explosive visuals started by the first issue.

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