O.M.A.C. #2

Review by: glcfarmboy

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Although this is a book that has an enormous visual appeal, the story and the characters here are just not involving in any way. After the sudden rush of the first month of the New 52, where I was eager to try out any title that even vaguely piqued my curiosity, I’m now making up my mind which titles I can cut to get my weekly pull list back down to an acceptable level (I had a 16 book week in September! I never get that many books in a week!), and it looks like OMAC, as gorgeous as it looks, just might not be good enough to make the grade!

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Agreed.
    I don’t get what the hype is for the story.
    I think the fanboys just like talking about Kirby so much.
    I can’t believe they are looking at this with a critical eye.
    I was so bored I just put it down.

  2. And that’s perfectly fine.
    I wanted to like it- but it feels so over tread.
    I guess it’s like Mike Romo was saying it’s ok to go back to the well with a story
    it’s just how you do it.
    I see the elements – bu they don’t add up to me.
    I think the questions about Didio’s contributions kind of seem odd to me.
    It seems obvious that he is doing a lot of work here- I mean this is the big concept over the top stuff he likes in comics.
    I tried to read his Outsider’s run and thought it failed miserably b/c there he was trying to contain his voice in a modern story telling style- here it can do whatever he wants it to do all dressed up with Kirby Kred.

    For me though it wasn’t enough.

    • One of my friends doesn’t like it either. But he liked Green Arrow. So hey, to each his own. I gave OMAC #1 a try on a whim and loved it. I was hyped for #2 and wasn’t let down. It’s currently one of my favorite books of the relaunch. There’s stuff my friends enjoyed that I wouldn’t touch. There’s stuff I normally wouldn’t touch that I am now interested in. Yay comics!

      I’ve seen people use the term ‘polarizing’ for Catwoman, Voodoo, Red Hood, etc, but damn if this book shouldn’t be on that list too.

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