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Price: $3.99
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RoninDont08/08/08NoRead Review


  1. About time this came out, I liked the last sieries, hope this one is as good.

  2. I’ll give it an issue to see if it grabs me

  3. Anybody think if i didnt buy or read the last series, can i understand this one ok?

  4. Loved the first series but $3.99? I don’t know if I can justify the price. It seems Marvel keeps creeping up to to $4 standard book every month.

  5. 3.99 for a series with fringe characters from a book that was great to start but fizzled out?  Don’t know if I can justify that, either.  If I felt that any of these characters were going to move on to bigger/better things, that’d be one thing.

  6. i really haven’t got anything negative to say about this – cept, why waste the last ten pages on pencils and sketches?! other than that the story provided on all angles and the art’s fantastic. will i follow it the whole way thru? maybe.


  7. Seems like there are more 3.99 books from marvel each week

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