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NOVA #30

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  1. This is it for me folks. I just can’t see, for the life of me, seeing this title to get any better. I’m just gonna end it here so it’s a nice cap off to a great (turning into decent) run. Shame that these WoK tie-ins hurt the series so much.

  2. I don’t even remember what happened last issue, which is a bad sign. I may be cutting this soon, as well.

    Also, which series (Nova or GotG) has the re-appearance of the evil Adam Warlock, and where the hell has that story thread gone? I can’t remember which issue that was in, and neither book continuted that story last month.

  3. Yeah, I think this is going on my chopping block, too. Unless this issue is a complete turn around.

  4. Bon débaras, gang de caves! Nova rules!

  5. Go back to your deadpool books WE DON’T NEED YOUR KIND HERE ANYWAY!

  6. @skeets Fuck yeah!

  7. Jumping on points be damned, I’m gonna try this one out NOW!

  8. @skeets Umm… I don’t read Deadpool.  😉

  9. Me neither…;-)


  11. @skeets Are you having trouble controlling the VOLUME OF YOUR TYPING!? 😉

  12. NO!!!

  13. LOUD NOISES!!!

  14. This was awful, downright the worst issue of Nova I’ve read.

    Thank god I am dropping this bland cosmic title.

  15. This was the worst DnA issue I’ve ever read. And the art was so fucking static and dull that I almost fell asleep.

  16. give ’em hell, tnc!

  17. After these comments, I’m glad I chose to skip this arc.  I decided I would trade-wait Nova.

  18. I’m sorry noone seems to like this book.  I’m enjoying it, and its very special to me.  I must admit, have a personal bias.  The artist, Kevin Sharpe, turned me onto comics back in 1991.  I’m thrilled he’s drawing a Marvel title I happened to be reading already. 

  19. This does not bode well. Nova is one of the books that I kept on a reserve list at the shop I’ve been going to for 8 years (They gave me a job when I needed one, so I try to keep 5 or 6 books there so I have an excuse to visit every few months) so I won’t be reading this for at least two or three more weeks.

  20. On the upside, if you didn’t like this issue of Nova, there’s another one coming out next week!

  21. Oh, this wasn’t so bad.  This book continues to be pretty solid, but the ‘wow’ factor is definately gone.  And now comes more crossover…..

  22. This was awesome… compared to bullshit!

  23. I don’t understand what everyone’s got up their rumps. I really liked this, I like the new characters and it’s still going strong to me. The only thing I don’t like is the glibness of Worldmind. To me it sounds like a 14 year old girl and the jokes are not funny. Hopefully that part will change soon.

  24. I’m still enjoying it.

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