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NOVA #15

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  1. I’m so loving this arc, I hope Josh talks about Nova like he did for GOTG…Abbnett and Lanning just can not do wrong!

  2. i heard that nova was ending after issue 18 anyone else hear that and i hope if it’s true that their will be a nova spin off after

  3. sorry just read the fourm and it’s not being cancelled

  4. @Chrs7637 – Your 1st post put a scare in me but you’re 2nd post quickly diffused the panic.  I am loving DnA and I am glad they’re exclusive with Marvel. 

  5. Pretty sure its doing too well at the moment to be canceled.  I’m glad for that, I’ve been loving this book since #1

  6. i love this book too.  it’s probably the book i look forward to the most

  7. I’m loving this book as well – DnA really are on a roll these days!

  8. i dont think this book can let me down.  every week is non-stop amazement.

  9. sorry not every week, it only comes out once a month.  thats what i ment.  every issue.

  10. Books like this and Guardians of the Galaxy make me wonder why I buy anything else. This has been non-stop action since Annihilation Prologue! Nova never sleeps!

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