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  1. I think I’m dropping this.

  2. Why come?  I had planned on getting the trade when it comes out in a month, and jumping on with the monthlies if I like.

  3.  I loved the previous arc up until the last couple issues. Something about the way it wrapped up  seemed, I dunno…unsatisfying. I’m thinking about dropping this and then picking up the trades if folks rave about it.

  4. I dropped about four issues in. Just wasn’t doing it for me. I thought the dialogue was too modern… but on the other hand trying to use a faux viking age style of vernacular would have been cheesy. I dunno.

    I’ll check this out though, maybe a new story arc will renew my interest.

  5. This new story was probably my favorite so far.

  6. i was planning on dropping this but then i read it and this was almost my POW.

  7. I just love this book. This story was great!

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