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  1. I’ve liked Davide Gianfelice’s art quite a lot on this arc, but noticed that he isn’t listed as the artist for the next two arcs.  Does anyone know if he will be doing any other work for American comics in the near future?

  2. I liked the art for the whole arc and I like the overall concept of this story. I can get behind the notion of showing us the universality of humanity through time…that despite everything these people were motivated by the same things we are…which maybe is a way of suggesting where some of Western cultures crappier habits come from? Maybe that’s pushing it. HOWEVER, this issue was lame and this material should have been contained in issue 7

  3. AlexG – I liked this issue but can feel for you – this issue did feel a little stretched.  I think he could possibly have said in 12-15 pages what actually took the entire issue.  Nevertheless, the sentiment of this issue was subtle and powerful.  I hope the art going forward works as well as what Gianfelice did with the first arc – beautiful stuff.

  4. @Youngday

    Wood has said that there are plans for Gianfelice to return for an arc in the future

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