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  1. The only thing that bugs me (slightly) about this book is the dialouge.  I guess I expect Vikings to speak a little more… um, grander?  The modern language takes me out of it slightly, I understand it’s a necessary tool… maybe it’s just the swearing.  Did Vikings have a version of "fuck?"

    Otherwise, it is a beautiful book… the landscapes are breathtaking.  Wood’s really been lucky to work with some unrecognized yet amazing artists both here and on DMZ.

  2. I agree. This book seemed to step a little farther into the modern language. I have to go back and look at the past issues. I don’t remember them being modernized this much. Loved the book though and the dialogue about Odin’s hall was great.

     Great book can’t wait to see how it wraps up. 

  3. i actually like the modern dialogue. i know it’s not historically accurate, but i feel the foul-mouthery suits the vikings well.


    on a different note. i didn’t realize this was only a 8 issue mini. i feel slightly underwhelmed by this series all of a sudden.  

  4. It’s not a mini… the first 8 ish’s make up the first arc.  Another arc starts in #9, I believe with a new artist.

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