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  1. This book will have to wait to be picked up Next month. Didn’t really enjoy the last issue, truth told. Stil, the shorter stories have proved to be the best for me.

  2. Still really enjoying this series and I love that cover!

  3. Last issue was a different story, different artist.  This looks to be a whole new beast. 

  4. I must admit that solicit copy has me a bit concerned….

  5. Whyyy!! the art is what i loved in this book. The new art isent bad but i dont think it fits as well. 

  6. Agreed, not really crazy about the art, but it seems like this may only be a one shot issue, so we’ll probably get a new artist next issue.

  7. I like the art quite a bit, but I’m just not interested in seeing what looks like a comic book version of that Deadliest Warriors tv show…

  8. I think the art looks great.  Kind of wish I had picked this one up even though I’m reading it in trade.

  9. I enjoyed this quite a bit! The art of the one-shot is under appreciated I think.

  10. Never read Northlanders before but based on interviews and reviews I heard and read comparing this to Warren Ellis’s one-shot Crecy (Avatar) I had to check it out. This was good but it was no Crecy and I enjoyed Wood’s work on DMZ much more than this. A good one-shot none-the-less. 

  11. Did not like! Bring back the goodness!

  12. I guess I’m the only one who thought this book was goddamn perfect. I’m in full on, boom box over the head, mixtapes-and-notes-in-the-locker love with Brian Wood.

  13. This was great!

  14. @astyak  

    Indeed good sir!  

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