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  1. Just read through the first trade and I’m really digging this book.

  2. This book is great. Best part too is that you can jump on this issue since it’s a new arc

  3. @kory.

    you should try to pick up the 2 previous issues. it was a stand alone story better than the first arc, if you get it you’re up on the current issue

  4. @edward- I just bought both of them from my shop recently along with the first trade, so I’m all caught up. 

    I’m glad I finally have a Vertigo title to read, so now I can hang out with the cool club. 😉

  5. I liked this altho I thought the story was a bit dragged out to fill the issue

  6. I liked most of the art, except for a few panels with the dogs.

  7. was this drawn by the vinyl underground guy?

  8. @kory- you can’t hang out with the cool club until you start reading scalped 

  9. @JesseG- I’m already on it.  I bought the first Scalped trade a few days ago, just haven’t had a chance to read it yet.  Hopefully I can catch up in trade so I can move to reading it in issues.

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