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NORTH 40 #4 (OF 6)

Price: $2.99
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  1. This book has been GREAT so far! Really interested to see how this book ends over the next couple of issues. 

  2. Now that we’re getting to the second half of things I am excited to see where everything is leading.  Hopefully there won’t be many more characters added into the story.  It’s feeling like there’s too many characters in this for my taste, but I’m hoping that some sort of massacre takes out a good number of them.

  3. Loving this story. I don’t want it to end. Anybody know if there are plans to have a second series?

  4. Loving the art, but this isn’t the easiest plot to follow month-to-month.  Should’ve trade-waited.

  5. This one was lost on me.  I’m going to have to back and read the previous issues, cause I’m a little confused at this point.

  6. Being a bit disappointed with the first 3 issues, I’ve decided to drop this

  7. I’ll finish it.

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