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NO HERO #1 (OF 7)

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Chris Rohling10/03/08YesRead Review
astyak10/03/08NoRead Review
ultimatehoratio10/02/08YesRead Review
BrikHed10/01/08YesRead Review
Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. My store didn’t get this the last time but if they get it this time I’ll pick it up.

  2. I enjoyed issue #0 a lot more than I expected to.  That being said, I think that I am going to wait to read the trade.

  3. @Torippu- How can you not expect a lot from Warren Ellis… he’s Warren Ellis. Looking forward to this series, and might I suggest trying out Doktor Sleepless.

  4. How important will issue 0 be to the story. I just heard about it now, but I doubt my LCS will have it.

  5. #0 is just a teaser. It was only 16 pages and gave a little background into the story but you should be able to pick up the series without reading it. Can’t you LCS order you a copy from Diamond? It’s only a dollar and very worth it if you can get your hands on a copy. I think the #0 issue was more to hype the series and get people interested more than to add to the story. 

  6. Very excited for this one – it has been too long since I got that issue #0 signed from Ellis at Wizard World Chicago

  7. Yeah, I just heard about this comic last week so I don’t have the #0 either.  Maybe my shop will have it, but doubt it.  Still looing forward to this comic, I have high hopes

  8. As much as it kills me, I’m waiting for the trade on this one.

  9. This was ok.  Enough to pull me in for the next issue, but didn’t blow me away.  Is this an ongoing or limited series?

  10. @drakedangerz

    7 issues…. personally for me it was great.  I enjoyed it a ton and felt like Ellis just let this one flow instead of forcing it. 

  11. @Brikhed-Yeah, it definetly didn’t feel forced.  But I feel like I would have been better prepared if I would have picked up the #0 iss before hand

  12. #0 did help set the stage but wasn’t completely necessary.  It showed the deaths of the people they were talking about and gave you some really good explanation of The Levelers/Front Line.

  13. So…next issue in a couple years or so? >_<

  14. I feel like this book is going to be a counter to Ennis’ "The Boys". So far, I enjoyed it and I’m definitely down for next ish.

  15. it was a good first issue but i liked #0 better. it’s pretty interesting so far.

  16.  I loved this. I read the 0 issue and have been waiting for this thing to come out and it finally did and it was great. To me the artwork feels like it is capturing NYC three or four years ago, with the hummer limo and clothes and stuff. Whats with Ryp’s drawing of impacts. I feel like he sees the energy of things crashing together more like a liquid than a light. Its really an interesting style, kind of challenges my ideas about energy and how it looks.

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