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Nightwing vs. Saiko! The truth about Haly’s Circus! A tribute show for the Flying Graysons! They’re all in this amazing issue! Of course, there’s no way they could be related…right? Plus: As the answers regarding Haly’s Circus are revealed, what do they mean for Dick Grayson’s future in Gotham City? And more important, his future as Nightwing? Be here to find out!

Written by Kyle Higgins
Pencilled by Eddy Barrows & Geraldo Borges
Inked by Paulo Siqueira, Eddy Barrows, & Eber Ferreira
Lettered by DC Lettering
Colored by Rod Reis
Cover by Eddy Barrows
Cover Color by Rod Reis

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.2%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. This one has been wearing thin for me. If this issue doesn’t grab me, I’m done…

    • I hear you, but I’m hanging on through the Court of Owls storyline. I don’t think this book has been bad, but this initial arc has been a bit long in the tooth. I’m ready for something different.

    • I’m surprised this is as high in the pulls as it is. Something about this book just feels really dull to me.

      Now if Nightwing goes back to his sweet disco-outfit, then I’m in! (First time I saw him I had no idea he was Robin, but I knew he looked money!)

  2. I’m hoping this issue does a great job as a finale to the first arc. The fact that Dick’s brother is still alive should be the doorway for big storylines for issues to come.

  3. I enjoyed the first three issues quite a bit. However, each issue after that has felt like filler to me. Hopefully, this one will get things moving again.

    BTW, am I the only one that thinks that the villain is lame?

  4. Agreed with everybody else’s opinions about the last few issues feeling flat. Despite how much I love the character, this is getting closer and closer to the chopping board now. I want to stick around for the next Court of the Owls arc but I might call it a day after that.

  5. i dig that cover.
    the guy above him looks like he’s sportn’ logan or daken claws.

  6. This was….alright.

    The fight with Saiko was pretty ho-hum even though I liked the speech Dick gave about the villains in Gotham being the same. But there was no pay off to Raya betraying Dick so that’s disappointing. Plus the Court of Owl stuff kinda spoiled Batman #7 for me and I didn’t see a need to shoehorn that in towards the end. The art was pretty annoying too in that I want Barrows and this other guy is okay at best.


  7. Was not going to pull this and pretty much thought I was done however; my shop pulled it anyway. I read it and nothing has really changed, still with the circus thing and still not intrested. I get that it is part of his background and this is the way they tell us about it; just don’t care enough.


    • “Nothing has changed”?!

      I couldn’t disagree more.

      The reveal in this issue (taken in a certain light) basically retcons Dick’s entire history.

      I’m with you in that the circus stuff isn’t really my favorite thing either, but for me, this issue made all the circus stuff worthwhile because of the way it’s now tied into Scott Snyder’s Batman story and the larger tapestry of Gotham.

      I’m still on the fence with this book, but this issue definitely made it easier for me to stick with this book for a few more months.

    • @KenOchalek – I think you worded way better than I could. Also, don’t forget the Bat-Bitchslap!! Why that was so funny to me? Probably because no matter what I do not see Batman ever slapping Nightwing (Dick-Ha!). I also can not see Nightwing not giving it right back to him. I get the tie in for the Snyder deal just not crazy about this title and the way it is going. You are right the circus thing is just not my favorite either.


    • He didn’t hit Dick because he was angry with him. He hit Dick to calm him down and knock his trick Owl tooth out.

    • yeah, everyone, he hit dick to calm down.

  8. I thought this was an alright issue. It wasn’t helped by the fact that I read Batman#7 right before, so the whole scene with Bruce in the batcave was a little underwhelming. The big reveal however, makes me even more excited to continue following Nightwing’s story. I also thought it was cool how this new information adds a bit more demension to the moniker “Nightwing”; I don’t know the reasoning behind him choosing that name, but it’s connection to owls makes the twist even cooler in my opinion.

  9. The guy at my LCS said that between reading this and Batman #7, it didn’t really matter which you read first. I couldn’t disagree more. The revelation about Dick’s history in Batman was handled in a much more shocking way, and the revelation about Saiko’s dark past was icing on the cake. Reading Nightwing first would definitely lessen the impact of this plot point.

    Definitely enjoyed Saiko’s backstory in this one, but I agree with everyone that the fight and Raya’s turn were humdrum. I’ll stay on through Court of Owls.

  10. I disagree. I think that by reading this issue before Batman #7, the revelation about Dick made more of an impact because this particular story is about Dick and his past history and ties with the circus. Of course, you would have to have been reading Batman since the start with whole Court of Owls story, which I have. That also made Saiko’s back story mean more . In Batman #7, I feel like it was a good companion piece to this issue in that aspect. Then again, I read this issue first, but I think would have felt the same if I read Batman #7 first.

    I also think Dick should at least done something to him though. Maybe punched him back or pushed him to the ground, anything really.

    I loved this issue, even if it did read fast. I was on the fence, but the whole twist to Dick’s story has me intrigued. So I’ll probably stick around even after the Court of Owls tie ins.

  11. Nightwing’s final confrontation against Saiko in issue #7 turned out to be just the lid of an ugly, ugly can of worms! Fantastic issue!

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  12. I really liked this story arc. I’m not sure why so many didn’t like it. “Lame” was the word I saw most often. I think that some people just like to complain. While we’re on the subject of complaining, there is one thing that bothered me about this issue. I don’t read Batman. I just not that big of a fan. So when Bruce smacks the crap out of Dick and picks this random filling up that had apparently been lodged in Dicks teeth, I had no idea what was going on. So I went and bought Batman 7 to see wtf was up. So I guess Dick has had this “conductor” in his tooth since before Bruce adopted him. This makes no sense! Did Bruce, with all his billions of dollars, never take Dick to the dentist? Did Dick never run his tounge over his teeth? I mean come on, I notice when there is a popcorn kernel stuck in my teeth, but Dick didn”t notice and giant chunk of metal in his tooth for 30 years? I thought these guys were susposed to be detectives. There are so many plot holes in this idea that it’s insane. Whatever. I enjoyed the comic overall.

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