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With winter closing in, Haly’s Circus hits New Orleans!

But as Dick Grayson gets closer in his search for answers about the mystery of the circus, it’s not just the temperature that heats up. And just how does a voodoo ritual gone bad factor in?

Find out as Nightwing takes the Big Easy!


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  1. So I dropped this a few issues ago. Just curious are they still doing the circus thing? Is he following the circus or something? I quit it because I hated the circus stuff but I really love the dick grayson character so, I’m wondering if the other crap is gone so I can jump back on board?

  2. I don’t think this is going to be dropped anytime soon; but I would like to see where this series is going to go past the hitman/circus plot.

  3. I usually try to only comment on the good stuff, but I find that cover so ugly, I just could’t help myself by saying something about it. Hopefully the interior’s as good as the previous issues.

    • I agree, this cover did nothing for me. After reading the story I think I dislike the cover even more. I am enjoying this book though, anyone else think that book of names has something to do with the Court of Owls?

  4. Thank you Eddy Barrows your back!

  5. A rhyming demon?! Which barely rhymed. Bring back Etrigan. Thats the last issue of Nightwing for me, at least until creative team changes.

  6. The fight scenes reminded me of Alan Davis pencils. That’s not a complaint. If it wasn’t for the art, I would have given this a 3. It seems like Higgins has Dick’s characterization down fine, but it’s the scenarios presented that aren’t grabbing me. It’s the exact same problem i’m having with Amazing Spider-Man.

    I prefer Higgins on Deathstroke, but that thing’s about to get Liefelded.

  7. Kyle Higgins, please end the Saiko Killer arc so we can all move on. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good one, but stop with the distractions.Although I didn’t mind the Batgirl teamup.

  8. This issue has taken me in a little different direction on this title, which to be honest I am not sure and I think next issue will be the one that tells me. I like the mystery, action and the artwork is not bad at all I just seem to keep loosing track of where we were headed with this wjole story line??


  9. Really enjoying this and I’ve always been a fan of Nightwing/Grayson. The mystery surrounding the Circus is what keeps me coming back, and the ending of #5, unexpected. Looking forward to the rest of the series and how it starts to tie in with the other “bat” books.

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