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As Haly’s continues to travel the east coast, Dick’s search for answers take him – and the circus – to Miami!

But when a case from Gotham City brings Barbara Gordon to Florida, Nightwing and Batgirl must work together to bring a thief to justice. Be here as Nightwing and Batgirl tackle South Beach – and discover the true nature of the circus!

The answers start this issue!


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  1. Let’s see how this issue plays out the Barbara/Dick relationship with the relaunch. Should be interesting.

    Also, it’s good to see Trevor McCarthy work with Higgins again.

    • McCarthy’s art in Gates of Gotham was very good. I heard the Babs/Dick meet up in Batgirl was terrible. Hopefully it’s better here. But I trust Higgins has cooked up something excellent, since he hasn’t disappointed me yet on Nightwing.

  2. Really enjoying this title. 🙂

  3. When I saw that McCarthy had replaced Burrows for this issue I found it a little jarring but quickly got used to, and enjoyed, the new artwork. I preferred this story of Dick and Babs joining up to the story in Batgirl #3, this was a lot better. This book isn’t setting my world on fire, not like Snyder is with Batman, but I’m still really enjoying Nightwing every month and it’s a solid comic. I’m still on for this.

    • I’m with you that Nightwing wasn’t wowing me…and it still isn’t, but this was definitely the best issue so far. Eddy Barrows is a very good artist, but I think I prefer McCarthy. I don’t know if it just reminds me of Scott McDaniel’s classic take on the character, but the fluidity of McCarthy’s lines seem like a better fit for Nightwing’s style.

      This issue earned Nightwing a longer leash on my pull list.

  4. Already thinking about dropping off after this arc.

  5. Well they forgot to put it into my box on Wednesday and I just finally had a chance to go back to my bookstore yesterday and grab it. Which it turned out they forgot to pull the book out with the others on Wednesday, argh!
    I have to say this title has alot of drama going on and thats ok as long as there is some action right? Not sure, I think I like this title and then after I read it and let it sink in I am not sure? The artwork has been very good thru the series thus far so no complaints there! The story arc just seems to slow down a bit here and there for some….. I get it now, they are building up the background on the main character as well as some of the supporting characters as well. Which there is a lot of and it feels like romance and drama right now more than anything else? I may be wrong it just feels more like General Hospital meets the Circus than a Nightwing comic? I can say I gave it a 4 and well is there anything wrong with some romance? I liked it for the most part.


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