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The Big Top comes to the Windy City!

After the massive events of issue 2, the circus heads to Chicago – and Dick Grayson is along for the ride! But as Nightwing puts pressure on ex-Haley connections in search for answers about his past, one lead may be far too explosive to handle!

Be here as Nightwing takes his quest for the truth to the Second City!

Art and cover by by EDDY BARROWS and JP MAYER

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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Dick’s hot streak with gorgeous red heads continues!!

  2. I swear I thought that was Doc Savage on the cover for a second.

  3. this is more or less my favorite cover of the first 3 months of the new 52

  4. This is a make or break issue for me. If this sucks, I’m bailing.

  5. There’s a lot of sex going around in these books since the relaunch I hope they are using protection! HA! Eddy Barrows are in this book is really good.

  6. Another book that I really want to like, but it’s just not happening. Sorry, Grayson. I’m out.

  7. This book is quickly becoming a great treat I look forward to reading every month.

  8. Definitely one of the most surprising hits of the new 52. Higgins is great at writing Dick and I am actually looking forward to Barrows art for once. Can’t wait to see where this is going.


  9. that was the most well behaved carney i have ever seen

  10. Another Bat-book where I’m enjoying the the story being told more outside of the costume, then I am when he is IN costume.

    Story 4
    Art 4

  11. Weak issue. May be dropping.

  12. meh. not bad but far from great. I’m just not enjoying this whole circus thing. 3.5/5 Dropped.

  13. Parri (@pazzatron) says:

    Another solid 4/5 Nightwing. Really enjoying the blend of action, story and character in the series so far. A bit of a dark horse.

  14. Did anyone catch the first caption that said 5 years ago.. so 5 years ago Dick was in the circus????

    • That’s what DC has been saying, superheroes started showing up 5 years ago (ish) so Batman in Justice League (about 5 years ago) wouldn’t have a Robin yet.

    • Ah, well nightwing felt to me like he had been nightwing for a while. And according to that timeline he must not have been robin for a while, since in red hood it also gives time for Todd to be robin too. And thats fine, the elasticity of comic book time, I can deal with. Its just easier to swallow if it had ambiguously said.. in the past.

    • I did pause for a second because I still think of Dick as older than he’s supposed to be these days.

      But I just started re-reading Robin Year One (from 2000 by Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty, Javier Pulido and Marco Martin — really effing good stuff, a true hidden gem) and Dick is in middle school when he starts out as Robin. So if he was 14-15 back then, I can buy him as about 20 in this current incarnation.

      It does mean you have to do some mental gymnastics regarding his time as Bludhaven cop (I don’t think there are many 19 year old police officers these days). But we’re adults here, so whatever.

      This issue didn’t do much for me. I’ll stick around for Trevor McCarthy art. Nothing against Eddy Barrows at all, but I’m hoping some different art might get my excitement back up for this book.

  15. This book just got dropped. At least now I can afford to add All Star Western to my pull instead.

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