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  1. Heads up to any Doug Manke fans — he is drawing Nightwing this week! Newsarama have some preview pages up & it looks AWESOME. But, be warned, there is MASSIVE spoilers.

  2. Mahnke*

  3. Cannot wait! DC, please don’t end this book! I know it’s too late, but I thought some weepy fanboy sobbing couldn’t hurt 🙁

  4. I’ll miss you Nightwing.

  5. this isnt the cover is it?? cause i think this cover is the 150 variant cover

  6. Last issue was my favorite issue of NW since Dixon left the book 80+ issues ago.  Very sad that it is ending soon.

  7. Nightwing R.I.P 🙁

  8. That is definitely not the right cover!  This issue was lame.  No point to anything that happened.  Wow, Nightwing jumps from space!!  Kool (sarcasm)!!

  9. This was fantastic.

  10. Did anyone notice the cover is done by regular Buffy artiste Georges Jeanty? Very excited to read this.

  11. Pretty awesome, but i guess the big question is: What movie were they watching at the end? The Magnificent Seven or Seven Samurai?

  12. OK, I loved this book, but it freaked me the hell out, because I was listening to that song they reference (Space Oddity by David Bowie) as I read that page. Had to put the book down for a second after that.

  13. The first kitchen scene was soooo bad, the last one was amazing.

  14. i loved this issue from beginning to end.  and i was totally moved by the final page with the "missing man" formation of the comfy chairs.  powerful stuff!

  15. I nearly didn’t pick this up.  Having read the rest of the Great Leap arc I thought I might as well… turns out this was the best of lot.  Connor really said it all in his review.  Its just good to see the series (almost very nearly) conclude like this.  So Damien’s grandpa is back next?  I guess this must lead into the battle for the cowl story line, with Damien surely playing a key role.

  16. Should I drop Trinity for this book? 

  17. @Skullbine- I would say no.  There’s only 2 more issues before this book gets cancelled.

  18. @Kory – Thank you, I had no clue. 

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