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This book was a good way for Tomasi to wrap up.  It nodded its head to his entire run along with making a nod to Bruce being gone.  I really enjoyed it.  The best part is realizing that Two Face will be shaping up to be Dick’s biggest enemy when he takes up the mantle in the future.  I can’t wait to see more of their dynamic as enemies.

I also really liked the art in this book.  The duties were shared between Don Kramer and Jay Leisten.  About half of this book was really fantastic and the other was good.  I don’t know the art associated with the name, but I would like to see them both do more work.

I’m sad to see that this book will be ending soon.  I hope that Tomasi gets something to replace it with and does great things with anything he takes up.  If I had it my way he would continue to write Dick as Batman.  There is a book I would buy.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Pretty good cover too.

  2. i thought this issue was fantastic.  it’s hard for me to figure out which i liked more between this and denny o’neil’s ish of detective.  one minute i pick this and the next i pick that.  minutes later i’m back to this one.  i just really liked all of the little "moments’ in here.  just some great character stuff.  it’s kind of nice to follow these characters as "people’ for a bit, before we follow them as "heroes" again.  that’s always been one of the things i’ve loved about these characters (i’m including all of the man bat characters) is that i believed them as people.  they were written so well that i felt like i KNEW them, not just read ABOUT them.  the little inter-personal moments in this book (as well as all the other bat books) over the years have really been some of my favorite moments in comics – and bully for me that this issue has more than a couple of those for me.

  3. I guess you have to be a real big Nightwing fan to enjoy this comic.  I mean Nightwing is cool and all, but I usually only bought it when it tied into a bigger story and what not.  I didn’t buy every single issue of this title, and this issue is a pretty good example why.  The part with Two Face and Nightwing arguing with each other during Dick’s visit to Arkham was okay, and I like how they brought some light to what was going on with the dead super hero dude’s tombs being broke into even though I didn’t read every single fragment of that story neither, but it just seemed as if the rest of the magazine was wasted.  Well I guess Nightwing getting dumped by his girl who is on her way back to California had some kind of significance, but who really enjoyed watching Nightwing jumping out of some plane so he could break some sky diving records that nobody was even calculating?  I guess you could call that action, but it just didn’t seem all that exciting to me.  I’m my of a story-related action guy myself.  And I didn’t really care for watching Robin, Nightwing, and Alfred prepping up to watch a Blu Ray HD movie on their super big TV and making ice cream neither.  Don’t you think something cool could’ve happened during those last few pages?  Wow, ice cream!!  Wow, Bruce Wayne has a state of the art entertainment center in his house with just enough theater room chairs for all the guys in the house.  What are they all gay or something?  They can’t make room for their girlfriends to comeover and watch a movie also?  I don’t know.  Like I said, I guess you would have had to of been a big Nightwing fan to really grasp what all that was about.  I thought the R.I.P. tie in issues were a lot more exciting myself.

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