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  1. Good to see the list of artists is shorter this month, although I still really liked the last issue. The change in art style was a bit jarring, but the story was strong enough to pave over that. As long as Tomasi stays on this book I’ve got faith.

  2. Agreed. I’m just hoping the whole Batman R.I.P. doesn’t completely distract from where everything was going with Nightwing…

  3. I hope it won’t as well. The RIP crossover is only 2 issues I think, and as Batman has hardly been in this book I’m guessing it’ll just be a couple of scenes to tie it in. Again, Tomasi better not leave this book anytime soon!

  4. fyi – Its 4 issues (147-150).

  5. Looking forward to this, Nightwing has been awesome lately … and it’s been a while since I’ve been able to say that!

  6. It’s weird that this issue apparently features Talia… who’s supposed to have a part to play in Morrison’s story… yet this issue isn’t branded with "RIP". I guess that means Talia can’t be too major of a catalyst for "RIP", then. I guess she isn’t part of the Black Glove if Morrison/DC is fine with letting her appear in Nightwing at this point in time.

  7. @flapjaxx – Talia’s been part of NIGHTWING for months.

  8. @flapjaxx – I didn’t know that every issue that comes out on a given Wednesday actually happens on the exact same day in the DCU.  Interesting.

    The story here was interesing and I like Talia’s role, but good lord was the art bad.  That is the worst drawn Batman I have seen in a long time.  His visible face is a white blob with stubble.  It is better than I could ever hope to do, but not good enough to be in a comic of this caliber.

  9. I really like the Talia/Nightwing dynamic, I’d love to see her regularly cross paths with Dick.

    I think she’d make a good foil for him.

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