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  1. Wade, nice review my friend.  I really enjoyed this book this week as well.  I was actually pretty surprised to see that Ra’s escaped in this book (I figured it was going to happen during RIP or later on down the line in the Batman book).  Also, I love that you point out the one thing that makes this title great: it gives relevance to Nightwing.

    Keep up the nice work.

  2. Thanks a lot, Neb!

    It’s about damn time Nightwing was relevant, right? He’s been so under-used & disrespected as a character for so many years, maybe DC finally see how much people like him after the big backlash they got when it leaked they were gonna off him in Infinite Crisis.

  3. I gotta agree with Neb, this was a damn solid review dude, agree 100%.

    And about Nightwing being relevant again, I had a thought: Nolan doesn’t want Robin in his Batman franchise, which I agree with as it would just seem off. So with the book being this good right now, DC should just skip the Robin stuff and get someone like David Fincher or Paul Greengrass to do a straight-out Nightwing movie.

    It won’t happen, of course, but being a fanboy’s all about imagination. Nice work, sir! 

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