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  1. O-=!!! Wait… there’s a "New" New Mutants and I didn’t know about it? Where have I been? *pulled* Legion’s a fun villain and I’m in love with Moonstar er I mean I like her as a friend no wait …. never mind. -_-

  2. Yeah, it’s been pretty good so far. 

  3. I enjoyed #1, #2 I started to lose interest.  I hope this issue is better.  I’m giving it a couple of arcs, then it’s possible chopping block.  I really hope this series is good, I needed a good throwback to the 80s.

  4. You know what I realized Moonstar is doing? She’s pulling a Deadpool. This is a nice throwback to the crazy Rob Liefield era where everyone had tons of accessories and weapons on their person.

  5. I think this was the best issue so far.

  6. I thought the first two issues were a little boring and I was ready to jump off this series at the end of this story arc, but this issue was solid and I hope they can maintain this momentum.

  7. I love how Moonstar was drawn in this issue, and her snapping at Sam was classic.

  8. Good issue, No powers, no problem I’ll get the ammo…

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