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In the wake of the devastating events of ‘Age of X’, the New Mutants embark on a new chapter with a new M.O. and new line-up.

Who’s on the team and who’s out? Find out with new writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning as they are joined by New artist extraordinaire, Leandro Fernandez.

Did we mention, it’s all-NEW?!!

Story by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Art by Leandro Fernandez
Colors by Andres Mossa
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Marko Djurdjevic

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. That tube is going right into Nate’s nipple. Youch!

    In other news…Nate is still king. 

  2. It’s been so long since the last (mediocre) issue that I don’t even remember what happened. This might have replaced Legacy as the X-Book I’d drop if I needed to.

  3. I liked the last issue, but it was all warp-up from Zeb’s run and set-up for this one. Hopefully things get rolling here.

  4. I liked the last issue. I just jumped on and I think I will enjoy this series.

  5. I’d like to give this another shot because it’s DnA but I didn’t care for the last issue at all.  As JimBilly mentioned, it was all transition.  I prefer a strong hook and a tight focus on the core cast with my jumping on points.  They can bring in the past and periphery as they go.

    But hey, I’ve been a fan of DnA cosmic and this team seems like it could have a Guardians of the Galaxy vibe.  They’ve got that gang of misfits thing going.  I’m sure they’ll nail writing Warlock and Cypher as well as characters like Nate Grey and Magick.

  6. Let’s hope they get rid of X-Man and every freakin’ scrap of “Age of Apocalypse” out of the 616.

  7. This was merely ok. Might buy the next issue is it’s a light week.

  8. SUGAR MAN! This issue was awesome. What a comicbook truly is.

  9. The Omega Machine’s purpose was to open dimensional gateways? I could have sworn it was for something different…gotta reread the Dark X-Men mini.

    Superb issue…even with the minimal Nate Grey screentime. 

  10. I’m really liking this, and I’ve never read an X-Man comic nor really ever liked New Mutants, even during the 80’s heyday.  Still, this kind of makes me want DnA on Uncanny (no slight against Gillen, he’s great), as I think they really are able to tap into what made those 80’s stories good but do it with a more modern sensibility.  The X-Books are definitely worth reading right now.

  11. I really enjoyed this issue.

  12. great book.

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