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“FALL OF THE NEW MUTANTS” comes to a close and the New Mutants lose the battle against Project Purgatory. Who has fallen? Who will no longer be on the New Mutants? The most heart-wrenching issue of the series is courtesy of Zeb Wells (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) and Leonard Kirk (DARK X-MEN, CAPTAIN BRITAIN & MI13). Part 5 (of 5).

Colorist: GURU EFX

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  1. Yep.  This has been my favorite X book for more than a year now.  Does anyone know if Zeb is planning on leaving anytime soon?

  2. Zeb is suppose to leave the book after issue #21, where Mike Carey is going to take over the writing duties for the ‘Age of X’ event which will run through this and Legacy. Not sure if he’s going to keep writing it afterward or not.

  3. Yes, Zeb is leaving. Personally I thought he had a lot of problems in the first year — character glitches, stories that dragged, overplaying and underplaying scenes, etc. But starting with the Second Coming crossover until now it has been really good. I think he found his rhythm with these characters and how to tell an X-story well. Alas. Is Carey writing every part of Age of X? Now that could be really good.

  4. Yes, Age of X starts with Age of X Alpha, then goes through Legacy and New Mutants, all written by Carey.

    Marvel didn’t annouce Carey as the new writer in the solicits though, so I imagine his stay on th book will only be for the crossover.

  5. New mutants has been great.

  6. I agree that the New Mutants book has been one of the best mutant books.

  7. i’m out with this age of x shit, nothing but a weak and ultimately inconsequential crossover to rake in some cash

  8. I’m sad to hear that Zeb is leaving.  I’ve really been liking the team of Wells & Kirk.  I really want to read the Age of X crossover b/c the Coipel character designs are awesome!  Anyone know is Coipel is drawing any part of the crossover?  

    Carey writing?  His writing led me to dropping X-Men Legacy…I don’t know if my desire to read Age of X is going to trump my dislike of Carey’s writing. 

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